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10 Things You'll NEVER Hear Galactus Say...

By Bill Sweeney

Galactus, Marvel's ever-hungry devourer of worlds, is a giant cosmic being who basically just floats around space until he gets hungry. Then he sends out his herald, the Silver Surfer, to find delicious, gluten-free planets for him to munch on. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff he talks about that we aren't privy to, so here's 10 things you'll NEVER hear him say... but he probably does.

1. "Dude, don't go in there, I totally blew it up."

2. "Doctor says I'm eating too much of the red planets."

3. "Let's eat somewhere else, I had some Andromeda System yesterday."

4. "NORRIN! If I trip over this board one more time...!"

5. "Truth is, I'm starving all the time... *sniff* ....for attention. I don't even like the taste of planets!"

6. "... I mean, hey, they're cool and all, but "Fantastic"? Seems a little pompous to just label yourself like that."

7. "Surfer! Your new quest is to find me some fine ass bitches, for it is lonely and cold out here, son!"

8. "I think the buffet was a bad idea."

9. "FOOL! Do not speak to me of your infinitesimal woes! Do you have any idea how much I spend on toilet paper!?"

10. "Be honest, does this hat make my head look big?"


Serial Killer Pro-Tips

By Bill Sweeney

 Here's a fun little email I sent in to the WCBJ Radio podcast last week:

1. Don't forget to get off the bus when your victim does. There's
nothing worse than having to get off at the next stop and then run

2. Be extra prepared - remember to always have a back-up plan to your
back-up plan's back-up plan. None of the greats became great by
getting caught the first time.

3. Don't try to pick your own name, that's so gauche, just let the
media do it - it's what they're there for. If you're good at your
craft, fame will come, don't force it.

4. Don't get greedy. Dahmer didn't HAVE to load up his whole damn
fridge at once, but he did, and we all know how that turned out. Slow
and steady wins the race.

5. Buy sensible shoes, UGH I cannot stress that enough....

6. Resist the urge to tweet or share about your killing spree. You may
share your entire life on Facebook but this is the one thing Aunt
Rosie doesn't need to know about - and besides, she would just figure
you were trying to be funny again.

7. Serial Killing is no place for the Buddy-System - Do Not bring in a
"Partner" or a "Protege"! It never ends well, they either mess up the
work, or they get caught and give you up, or they find a reason to turn on
you. You are not the Mr. Miagi of murder.

8. Disguises can be helpful at times, but sorry dude, no one is fooled
when you wear the freshly carved face of someone else.

9. Move around, spread your spree. Break out of your hometown comfort
zone, kill in other cities, see the countryside. Make the most of it,
plan a nice vacation and then paint the town red. It makes you harder
to find by investigators and you wind up with some awesome photos!

10. Don't keep "trophies". Look I get it, we all want to remember the
good times but this is such a newbie thing to do. What if mom finds
your stash of severed eyelids? You can't explain that... and then you
have to kill her too. Look, you're just compiling evidence for the
police to use against you, so toss it out. It's not like you can pull
out "The Collection" when people come over "What have I been up to,
you ask? Well, here's a jar of index fingers, pretty cool, right?"


Top 10 (Pop Culture) Wicked Theories Of 2014

By Bill Sweeney

Sure, it's my web domain/twitter/tumblr but what does "Wicked Theory" actually Mean? How the hell could I make a Year End Top Ten out of it?

While I chose it originally as just wordplay on the phrase "bad idea", over time I've come to fashion more of a meaning out of it. A "wicked theory", as I spin it, is a bad idea gone right. Or more to it, an idea or belief, that seems unlikely (or just plain wrong) when you hear it, but in retrospect, turns out to be really good. The most badass ideas are the one that shouldn't work - but do.

And for me, here, in my head, it's a thing I look for and see everywhere. And for what I do here, on the web, I keep it to the context of pop/geek culture.

So, rather than call this "The Top Ten Things In Pop/Geek Culture That Seemed Like Bad Ideas At First But Turned Out To Be Pretty Smart This Year", or "Hey Internet, You Were Wrong About Stuff" let's just go with the short version above, okay?


Jack The Ripper - Identified?

A new book is coming that claims to have finally closed the coldest cold case. I have an article over at Popwrapped that outlines the gist of the historical forensics at work and related details.

Well, despite what I wrote there, it seems some are still dubious about the veracity of the investigating parties, time will tell I guess. For more from that angle, Devin @ BadassDigest gives a more doubtfull spin. 

Still, it's an interesting new chapter in the JACK THE RIPPER case. Is it really closed? Doubtful.



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Look for more on that very soon as well as regular articles here... more regularly.

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-Bill Sweeney


Comics Review: UP THE RIVER 2130 #1

 By Bill Sweeney

Up The River 2130 #1
Written by Travis McIntire
Illustrated by Michael Wren
21 pages Full Color 

Available from IndyPlanet

Up The River brings together interesting elements from horror and superheroes to form a world where everything went wrong a long time ago and it never really recovered. A world where water has turned red as blood and to drink it will either turn you into the living dead or imbue you with fantastic abilities.

Quite the temptation.

With world building that shows our planet (or region, at least) suffering from societal breakdown, Up The River, presents us the story of Syl, a young man searching for answers.


THE WALKING DEAD 4.8 "Too Far Gone" - Recap/Review

By Bill Sweeney

Neil Diamond's evil brother finally makes his big move into the spotlight.

If The Governor and his Tank are the unstoppable force, Rick and The Prison are the immovable object.

When push finally came to shove Rick held his ground and it was about time, regardless if he hesitated by trying to defer to the council. The mid-season finale was a damn strong episode that payed off a long standing feud or two, and killed off a fan favorite.