The DC TV Report for 5/27/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday May 27th, 2017. As submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. There were 6 new episodes this week, including 3 finales and one penultimate episode.

Gotham - Penguin and Riddler worked together to escape the Court of Owls prison and agreed not to kill each other for 6 hours. The Shaman finally trained Bruce to hide his mom’s pearls in a safe and become the perfect weapon. Selena attacked Evil Bruce, revealing the truth to Alfred. Evil Bruce whipped them both and ran. Selina refused to help Alfred find real Bruce. After a dangerous run-in with an ax-handed, bomb-dropping Barnes, Jim and Harvey finally brought in Kathryn, let Alfred beat her up, and watched her get decapitated by Barnes, after he turned the precinct into Fury Road. Barnes was finally taken down until he escaped. Lucius pieced together a crystal owl and discovered it was a map of the Court’s plan. Last Minute Reveal: In the middle of all this everyone failed to notice Lee being consumed with sorrow for Mario’s death and hatred for Jim (probably because all the boys kept her out of the loop). Before they could realize it, Lee stole the Tetch virus and injected herself with it!
Lucifer Penultimate Episode - Charlotte gave money to a guy claiming to have the missing piece of the Flaming Sword of Eden. The guy took the money into a backroom and was murdered. Lucifer maneuvered Chloe to take the case. It was pretty obvious that the killer was Chet, the wannabe rockstar son of a Drug Queen. Lucifer and Charlotte were able to recover what they paid for: the key to a safe-deposit box that contained a Sumerian text. Chet tried killing Charlotte, but a cut caused light to shoot out of Charlotte and roast Chet’s face off. Maz tried to get Luci to help stop Dr. Linda from getting suspended for last episode’s antics. Luci only made it worse when he slipped that he slept with Linda. Last Minute Reveal: After reading the text Amenadiel and Lucifer learned the third piece of the sword was a key given to God’s favorite son. Amenadiel jealously thought it referred to Lucifer until his necklace began to be drawn to the sword! 
Supergirl Season 2 Finale - Kara had to knock out Superman to snap him out of a silver Kryptonite trance. J’onn woke up from his coma. Kara challenged Rhea to a one-on-one fight for all the marbles. James defended Cat Grant, who immediately recognized him as the Guardian. Clark and J’onn defended the city with help from M’Gann who swung over from Mars. Kara was forced to activate a weapon that Lena converted to make Earth’s atmosphere toxic to all Daxamites. The fallout disintegrated Rhea and the Daxamites bounced but Mon-El was also forced to leave Earth. During the celebration, Alex proposed to Maggie. Kara felt down, got some encouragement from Cat, and we saw her fly straight into the air at full speed as Mon-El’s ship entered a wormhole. Last Minute Reveal: 35 years ago, on the day Krypton died, another baby was placed in a small spacecraft by a woman who touched the child with a drop of blood and declared that when the baby reached Earth, it would reign!
The Flash Season 3 Finale - Iris was alive! HR used his transmogrifier to take her place. Savitar kidnapped Cisco, forcing him to modify the bazooka into a quantum splicer that would help Savitar avoid being erased from time. Barry tried offering Savitar an olive branch, but it didn’t work out. Instead of saving Savitar, Cisco’s splicer freed Jay Garrick from the speed force. In the final showdown, Barry vibrated Savitar out of his suit, leaving him to be swallowed by the Paradox. Julian offered Caitlin a cure but she decided instead to walk the Earth. Just when it seemed like Iris and Barry could start planning their wedding, the Speed Force reigned a storm that threatened to destroy Central City unless Barry served penance for his transgressions from this season. Last Minute Reveal: Barry said his goodbyes to the team, kissed Iris, and joined the vision of his Mom in the breach. After he disappeared the storm faded away!
iZombie - Harley Johns posted his zombie attack video and received mixed reactions. A Fillmore Graves helicopter exploded and Vivian Stoll was killed. Liv pan-fried the brain of a daredevil who burned to death after riding a bike through a ring of fire wearing a hay costume. Turns out one of his producers sabotaged the suit’s flame retardant after the prankster knocked up his girlfriend. Liv shared the brain with Justin and they had their first kiss, but Justin got in trouble for stealing Super Max from work. Angus came up with a brilliant business strategy to take advantage of the Zombie outbreak. Blaine ruined that by leaving Angus to rot at the bottom of a well with cement shoes, and taking over his businesses. Last Minute Reveal: Liv put on some spray tan and hair dye and tried sneaking into a zombie haters meeting with Ravi, but she had to leave when she saw Harley Johns taking people’s blood pressure at the door!
Arrow Season 5 Finale – 5 years ago, Oliver fought and killed Kovar, was rescued by fisherman, and called his mom. In the present, Oliver enlisted help from Merlyn, Nyssa al-Ghul, and Deathstroke to infiltrate Lian Yu. Felicity, Curtis, Thea, and Samantha were freed. Malcolm sacrificed himself to save Thea from a land mine. Oliver and Deathstroke rescued Diggle, Quentin, Rene, and Dinah. Final matchups included Nyssa vs. Talia and Quentin vs. Black Siren. Felicity and Curtis discovered that the getaway plane had been disabled and the whole island was rigged with C-4 set to blow once Adrian Chase died. Ollie tracked Chase to a fishing boat and once off the coast, Chase revealed William, making Oliver choose between saving his son or all his friends. Ollie shot Chase in the leg and saved William. Last Minute Reveal: Just when it looked as though Chase had finally been defeated, the bastard pulled out a revolver and shot himself, causing the whole island to explode. Is all of Team Arrow dead?!

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Ep. 106 - In Space No One Can Hear You Sigh

Hello! It's us again! This time we've got an Aliens Covenant review, we eat some Fireworks Oreos and the return of Lightning Round! And in the news we cover Tom hardy being cast as Venom and what that means, Black Lightning trailer, a big storm brews over the Star Trek Discovery trailer, and we discuss some upcoming TV schedule changes! We also talk trailers for Okja, The House, and Battle of The Sexes! Yeah, we read email, too!

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The DC TV Report for 5/20/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday May 20th, 2017. IAs submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. Six new episodes, three of them were penultimate. So many bombshells. So much excitement:

Gotham: The Court of Owls broke Captain Barnes out of Arkham Asylum and Dr. Hugo Strange used his blood to make Tetch virus airborne. Kathryn tested Jim by having him watch the gas be released on a small group of innocents. With some help from Oswald and Firefly, Jim took down a Talon and saved the day. The Court later captured Oswald and caged him in a cell next to Ed. Lee continued pursuing her vendetta against Jim, and ended up resigning from GCPD. The Shaman taught Bruce to channel his pain and let go of his rage. Ivy found Selina in a coma and turned her hospital room into a greenhouse. The plants woke Selina up, and she was off to Wayne Manor. Last Minute Reveal: Kathryn wanted Jim killed and Barnes broke through his bonds ready to perform an execution!
Lucifer: Chloe and Lucifer investigated the murder of an orderly at a psych ward. One of the patients claimed to be God and Lucifer learned he might not have been lying. Chloe took a Doctor on a weird double date with Maze and Amenadiel and embarrassed herself asking for help with the case. Lucifer checked himself into the psych ward, broke out Dad, and tried pulling a parent trap with him and Charlotte. Chloe broke up the fun. Turns out the killer was a nurse. After losing his belt buckle, God remembered he wasn’t God. Luci and Amenadiel figured out the buckle was a missing piece of the Flaming Sword of Eden that offered divine enlightenment. Charlotte drowned her sorrows in Dave. Last Minute Reveal: Lucifer showed the guy who wasn’t his Dad to a taxi and became determined to return to heaven and punish his real father! 
Supergirl: Penultimate Episode - Rhea planned to enslave the Earth, proclaim it New Daxam, and force Mon-El and Lena to get hitched. After an Air Force One attack, President Marsden revealed herself to be an alien refugee and ordered Alex to break into the DEO and destroy Rhea’s ship with a positron cannon. Cat Grant returned, reminded us why she is the most dynamic character on the show, inspired Kara to go after Rhea, and with help from Winn, inspired all of National City to fight back against the Daxamites. Lillian Luthor and Cyborg Superman helped Kara rescue Lena and Mon-El but pulled a double-cross. When Alex learned Kara was still aboard Rhea’s ship, she hesitated and the positron cannon was destroyed. Last Minute Reveal: Rhea stepped aside and let Kara get punched out… by Superman!
The Flash: Penultimate Episode - Barry traveled into the past and brought back Captain Cold to help him break into ARGUS, neutralize King Shark, and take the Dominators’ Crystal. The mission was a success (sort of), and Captain Cold returned to the past, advising Barry not to play by Savitar’s rules. Tracey continued her romance with HR. Joe and Wally tried hiding with Iris on Earth 2, but Savitar tricked HR into revealing their location. Savitar crippled Wally and snatched Iris. Cisco got vibes of Killer Frost and finally met her in the forest for a final showdown. Barry confronted Savitar on Infantino Street and tried using the Speed Force bazooka but it did not work, and Savitar drew his blade to kill Iris. Last Minute Reveal: As Barry ran, we saw a video message from Iris to Barry reciting her wedding vows. Barry failed to save Iris and held her body in his arms!
iZOMBIE: Liv went “Red” and nearly choked out Blaine but believed he didn’t steal the cure. Liv rolled up preschool teacher brains with PB&J and became extremely friendly and encouraging. Turns out the teacher was banging three of his students’ moms and was killed by one of their hubbies. Blaine was feeling down until Don stole his brain business and left him, shot in the gut. One of Peyton’s cases was blown up by attorney Harry Thorne and the next day the defendant hung himself. Peyton asked Ravi to blue-soak the brain for answers. Major and Justin discovered the Scratching Post. Justin went on a sort-of-date with Liv. Major and Justin tracked down Harley Johns and confronted him on a dark road at night. Last Minute Reveal: Harley ran over Justin, who went “Red”, chased down Harley and jumped on the hood of his car, before getting thrown. Harley took a video of Justin’s attack and now has proof Zombies exist!
ARROW: Penultimate Episode – 5 years ago, Kovar injected Oliver with a serum that caused him to feel extreme pain and hallucinate his past failures. A vision of Laurel convinced him not to kill himself. In the present, the team threw Ollie a surprise birthday party. Then one-by-one Adrian Chase had each teammate kidnapped by Talia al-Ghul’s army, including Evelyn and Black Siren. Turns out Wild Dog didn’t abandon his daughter after all. Quentin met Black Siren and it took time for him to realize she wasn’t Laurel. Malcolm Merlyn showed up to help. Oliver learned that his son, William, had also been snatched, tried stopping Chase, but ultimately had to let him escape. Nyssa al-Ghul joined Oliver’s cause. Oliver tracked Chase to his old island and set out to rescue his friends. Last Minute Reveal: Oliver entered the ARGUS submarine prison and asked Deathstroke for help!

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Star Wars: A 40 Year Tribute

We salute 40 YEARS of STAR WARS!! We talk about all the movies, what we love and what we don't, their impact on us, personal SW stories, and what we think about all the new stuff! We gave the chatroom a game to play, and we see how we hold up against some Star Wars Trivial Pursuit questions! How will you do?

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EP. 105 - Star Wars Superfight

This week we have a rough start - we lost a piece of audio is what it comes down to - BUT THE TRAIN WRECK KEEPS TUMBLING FORWARD! Once we get past that official stuff we get down to biz!

We cover some Nerdy News (at 9:20) about Hellboy reboot, Deadpool on TV, Judge Dredd on TV, newly cancelled TV shows and MORE!

In Meanwhile section (36:30) we review The Wall, King Arthur, 13 Reasons Why, and breakdown some general, current Marvel Comics stuff.

We review the chat room game (50:30), "Smurf A Movie"!

Jay takes a "Hard" Star Wars Pop Quiz (53:50)!

We play Star Wars Superfight (1:01:29)!! Lando vs Ackbar! C3PO vs Wickett! R2 D2 vs The Sarlacc Pit!! MADNESS ENSUES!!

And  the part filled with too many tangents to list, Email (at 1:26:59)!

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The DC TV Report for 5/13

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday May 13th, 2017. As submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. 6 new episodes, only 7 and a half minutes! Almost all of our shows are in the home stretch now. Big reveals were dropped and storylines began to converge.

Gotham: The Court of Owls covered up Uncle Frank’s suicide and Kathryn asked Jim to prove his loyalty. Lee became suspicious of Jim after examining Frank’s body. Babs told Ed she learned of a secret group running Gotham and Ed kidnapped the Mayor to try and find out. With some help from Tabitha, Jim convinced Ed to let the Mayor go and delivered Ed to the Court. Oswald and Ivy recruited Mr. Freeze and Firefly to join Pengy's crusade. Evil Bruce was having nosebleeds and Kathryn admitted to him that he’s dying.  Evil Bruce then tracked down Selina and told her the truth. Selina told him he could never be a hero like real Bruce, was thrown through a window and surrounded by street cats. Last Minute Reveal: Kathryn introduced Jim to the Court and he put on an owl mask as their newest member!
Lucifer: Chloe and Lucifer investigated the murder of a private school admissions officer. Luci took Trixie along for recon and almost got her enrolled at the school. Chloe was happy Trixie opened up about her fears. Maze and Chloe crashed a parents gathering at the school and learned the murderer was a parent who slept with the gym teacher (I mean health and wellness mentor). Charlotte kept trying to scare and anger Lucifer into lighting the Flaming Sword of Eden. Lucifer spent the episode trying to learn to control his emotions and had a breakthrough when Dr. Laura got him to channel his pain. Unfortunately he was only able to light the sword for a brief moment. Charlotte was devastated but Amenadiel believed Luci just needs time. Last Minute Reveal: Charlotte stepped into the elevator, removed a bandage from her wrist and glowing light shot out of her wound! She is dying! 
Supergirl: James was feeling guilty that the people he saved feared the Guardian. A shift in the atmosphere caused an alien woman’s telekinetic powers to go out of control. The woman went into hiding but James found her son, Marcus, and bonded with him by talking about losing his dad and dealing with bullies. Marcus brought James and Winn to his mom and dozens of other aliens affected by the shift. With encouragement from James, Marcus was able to help everyone get control of their powers. The atmospheric shift was tracked to the trans-matter portal that Lena was building for Rhea. Kara, J’onn, and Mon-El confronted Rhea but got their asses kicked. The portal opened and a fleet of Daxamite ships came pouring in. Last Minute Reveal: Rhea teleported away with Mon-El and Lena as the skies of National City were swarmed by Daxamite ships!
The Flash: Turns out Savitar is a time remnant of Barry, who was abandoned by team Flash and committed himself to destroying Barry’s life. To handicap Savitar, Barry let Cisco and Julian try to disable his short-term memory. Instead they accidentally wiped his entire memory. Barry screwed up court testimony, letting Heat Monger get released, but made Iris happy to see him so care-free and unburdened. When Savitar lost his memory too, Caitlin ran over to STAR Labs and helped fix Barry’s brain. After Iris helped jumpstart his memory, Barry stopped Heat Monger from burning down an office building. The team begged Caitlin to stay, but she preferred the Killer Frost life. Meanwhile, Tracey continued her research and she and HR fell for each other. Last Minute Reveal: Tracey finished building the Speed Force bazooka, but the only energy source strong enough to power it is the Dominators’ mind-control crystal, which is being protected by King Shark!
iZombie: Liv ate the brain of a hot mess who was offed by her neat freak roommate. After taking the cure, Major reveled in tasting food again, but slowly started to lose his memories, and got on a bus to Walla Walla to visit family. A rich guy offered Don a million bucks for a zombie cure. Don asked Ravi but got a no. Blaine and Peyton started living the happy couple’s life, but when Blaine learned that Major took the cure, he admitted that his amnesia only lasted a few days and he has been lying for months. Ravi’s cure works! Major regained his memories the moment he saw his mom. Liv was ecstatic but Ravi’s office was ransacked and the cure was stolen. Last Minute Reveal: Major had to admit to Liv that he gave away the emergency dose of the cure Ravi gave him!
Arrow: Five years ago, Anatoly and Oliver arrived back on the island and planned Ollie’s rescue and return home. Their plans were foiled by Kovar. In the present, a dead body encased in cement was delivered to Oliver’s office. DNA and security video proved the body was a councilman that Oliver’s father murdered 15 years ago. Thea returned to Star City. She and Oliver tried coming to terms with their father’s legacy. Chase hired Derek Sampson to steal ingredients for a bio-weapon. The team took down Sampson and disarmed the weapon. Oliver dropped a bombshell about Chase’s father and convinced him to surrender himself. Wild Dog got a hearing for custody of Zoe but, despite Quentin’s begging, Rene got cold feet and did not show up. Last Minute Reveal: As Oliver gave a press conference about his father’s culpability, Adrian Chase watched from his prison cell and smiled. What’s up his sleeve?!

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Ep. 104 - Dark Towers And American Gods

This week we get into Nerdalicious stuff as usual, broken into sections like:

The Dan Box (7:40): Previous guest, Dan Evans, sent a gift box with... gifts!

NEWS (14:30) new trailers for Marvel's The Defenders, The Dark Tower, Marvel's Inhumans

MEANWHILE (29:15): We saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (look for our special Full Spoiler review episode separately), American Gods (42:50), celebrated Free Comic Book Day and talk up Better Call Saul season 3 so far!

Chatroom Game (56:06): Give Iron Man 2 a subtitle! The movie doesn't have one!

Pitch Vs Pitch (57:56): "Traffic Jam" is the movie title the boys have to come up with a movie for, and then pitch to the chatroom! Who had the best one?

Email (1:19:45): sidekicks come up - again - and we talk about music parodies and cover songs!



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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 FULL SPOILER REVIEW

Our Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 review! Full Spoilers! Easter Eggs, End Credit Scenes and everything in-between! Bill, Bob, Ed and Jay (and "Not Michael Rooker") break it all down as only they can, just for you! NSFW! Obviously.

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