Ep. 115 - Trash, Cash Or Stash!

It's the end of an era! And the start of a new one as we're trying out a new rating system: TRASH, CASH or STASH! We break it down before we get into our review for Valerian and The City Of A Thousand Planets! Got thoughts about either? send usa email! Also we cover a bunch of Comic-Con news, including a whole slew of cool new TV and movie trailers! Plus we get hit with the "hard" questions in the email section!

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The DCTV Report for 7/23/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 22nd, 2017. Submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. The Summer stretch continues with another Preacher episode along with yet another Bonus Retro Pick. Can you dig it?

Preacher: In flashbacks we saw Tulip and Jesse lose a baby after getting screwed by Carlos. They tried living a life without crime and both became depressed and miserable. They split up. Jesse headed back to Annville to start preaching and Tulip moved to New Orleans and ended up marrying Victor until she got a lead on Carlos’s whereabouts. In the present, all of Victor’s goons remained frozen by Genesis while Jesse figured out what to do with Victor. Meanwhile, Tulip brought Victor’s daughter, Allie, back to Dennis’s place and punched Cassidy for blabbing. Cassidy went over to the mansion and was able to convince Jesse to let Victor live in exchange for divorce papers. Last Minute Reveal: The Saint of Killers busted into Vic’s mansion killing everyone except Allie, who gave up where to find Jesse!
Retro Pick
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman S04E06 "The People vs. Lois Lane" 10/26/1996

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S2e5 - Dallas

Howdy Pilgrims! This week Sara Netzley is back to help break down Preacher season 2, episode 5, "Dallas", and compare it to the books! Does this put an end to the whole Tulip/Dallas/Carlos/Viktor past history story line? Is the show starting to follow the book? How many times will the bell ring this week? Listen to find out!

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Ep. 114 - A Four Or Five Star Episode

Okay so this week there was quite a back and forth about movie rating systems, 4 star vs. 5 star - AND what that actually means. In between all that we also cover nerdy news like Tarantino and The Mansons, some reports from D23, The Tick trailer, Matt Reeves and Batman, and more! We also talk Xygote, Glow, Midnight Special, The Belko Experiment and War for The Planet Of The Apes! In the E-mail we hit stuff like Spidey-Sense, menefreghismo, San Diego comic-con, PokemonGo, Zero Gravity Hijinks, and the New Doctor Who.

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DCTV REPORT for 7/15/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 15th, 2017 as submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. Preacher is starting the hit it's stride as our lone show this summer. I've also thrown in a Retro Pick that goes back to the very beginning of DC Animation on TV. Let's jump right in:

The holo-projectors in hell were on the fritz and Eugene had to mingle with his fellow damned. He made friends with Hitler, learned that people in Hell are supposed to be mean and ended up joining in on a beatdown of Adolf to look cool. Jesse and Cassidy discovered that the fake God they met in Annville was a local N’Orleans actor who was shot in the chest so he could play the part from Heaven. Tulip was brought to Victor and given the stinkeye by all her old friends. Jesse tracked her down, fought Victor’s torture expert and was choking out Victor when Tulip revealed that Victor was her husband. Last Minute Reveal: The Saint of Killers was strolling down the highway about to cross a bridge into N’Orleans!
The New Adventures of Superman S01E11 "The Neolithic Nightmare" 10/15/1966

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S2E4 - Viktor

This week we're up to episode 4 of AMC's Preacher, titled "Victor". Tulip's past is haunting her, again. Jesse gets a lead on God, kinda. Cassidy keeps a secret, for as long as he can. And Arseface meets Hitler, because, why not? How does it compare to the book? Listen to find out!


Ep. 113 - Dogs, Drago, And David Lynch

This week someone is late getting to the show and wait until you hear why! But things quickly get rolling as we hit a bit of nerd news (Nick Fury, Creed 2, Will Smith), then go over some stuff we saw (Silicon Valley, Rock Dog, Twin Peaks, Cooking With Bill) and answer email (Vegas vacations, movie soundtracks, Classic video games, "how do TV/Movie residuals work these days")! Plus, you know, a million other things scattered throughout!

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DC TV REPORT for 7/8/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 8th, 2017. As submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. There was 1 new episode this week and 1 animated Retro pick for you. Here goes:

Preacher - Flashback – Eugene tried convincing Tracey Loach not to blow her face off with a shotgun, failed miserably after burning her suicide note, and then became the Arseface we know and love. Flash forward to Arseface trapped in a dark and dusty hell with no one to talk to but Hitler. Back on Earth Jesse scoured New Orleans looking for God. After being misdirected to a gimp dog, Jesse saved a nightclub singer named Laura from a bunch of crypto-fascists in white masks. Later on we learned Laura was in league with the crypto-fascists and delivered her report on Jesse to Herr K. Starr. Cassidy and Tulip checked in with Cassidy’s grumpy “friend” Dennis. Tulip was trying to hide from her ex, Victor. Last Minute Reveal: Tulip was cornered at a laundromat by a bunch of goons working for Victor!
Retro Pick
Batman Unlimited S01E05 "Batman and Nightwing Gadget-Up To Go Against Silverback" 6/19/2015
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