Ep.51 - 2016 Summer Movie Preview

Dom is missing (#WhereIsDom) but Grant Markham has returned to get geeky with us! AGAIN! We had a better audio setup for him this time around (despite a couple of other glitches) and we cover A LOT of stuff, so settle in for all this:

4:00 - Grant and Ed bond over a game of SUPERFIGHT!

13:00 - EMAIL: Hulkster the Actster, Invincible comic adaption, Moisture, Honey I Shrunk My In-laws, PB & J, Sibling Rivalries, TV Hiatus & schedules, Hotcakes, East vs West, Marvel worldwide release, and Stef from Gotham Lights Podcast checks in!

56:00 - MEANWHILE: Flaked, Hush, Keanu,

1:10:28 - NEWS: Punisher gets a series, Black Mirror, Jack Ryan's Office, Steven Merchant in Wolverine 3, WB/DC Movies update, life size Deadpool, Human Centipede 2 in school

1:30:00 - 2016 Summer Movie Preview! 27 films! Including: Captain America: Civil War, The Nice Guys, Swiss Army Man, X-Men, Tarzan, Sausage Party, Blood Father, Star Trek: Beyond and MANY MORE!

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Ep. 50 Markham Asylum

We did our 50th episode LIVE online? Did ya miss it? Well here it is just for you!
Grant Markham from the 7 Days A Geek podcast was our guest! He and Ed finally had a showdown about movies and reviews! We review the thriller Shallow Grave with Grant as group! Bob finally took a nerd quiz! We answered our regular goofy email! We covered some "highlights" from our run so far! Plus we rewarded some standout people with Certificates Of Awesometicity! All this and more!

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Ep.49 - Clean Slate

Too much stuff this week:

EMAIL (5:50) Fave local diners (8:00), do we do Church (9:34), Gym Class Zeroes (12:50), Arrow (14:50), Super Villain Diaries (17:39), Fave Kung Fu Flicks (20:05), Drunk Stories (21:55), Negan/TWD finale look back (29:00) Podcast brackets (30:00) House depth (33:45), square donuts (36:23) Clean Slate Conundrum (40:21) Metro-whats (41:51)! The ED-MAIL starts (at 43:10) with Harrison Stoned and #StarWarsStrains (play along on twitter!), The Blacklist (46:30), DC Rebirth (47:30) John Larroquette (49:00)

MEANWHILE: Ed saw Midnight Special (51:49), then it's the return of...

THE MARKHAM MOVIE COLLECTION (54:08) Fearing the films Angel A, The 13th Floor, Ravenous, Deja Vu, Hard Candy and The Jacket. ALSO we dole out DVDs for the final round of TMMC a… uh… BTS "secrets revealed" type thing.

NEWS (1:27:40): Dr. Strange trailer, Star Trek TV series, Spider-Man Homecoming, Tatum in Kingsman sequel, 4 more Avatar, Comic-con streaming Hall H, Loch Ness, Scooby Universe, The Mist and It, and Tales Of M. Night.

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Rogue One, Negan Zip

Bill's buddy Mike sits in with the boys this week and he takes our easy-peasy Geek Quiz! How does he do? How will you do? Then we get into stuff like...

EMAIL (14:18): testing, Walken & Cage, Star Wars Drunks, Movie Snacks, Super Bowling Teams, Speed of iTunes, Pictures Worth, then everything falls apart as sports talk invades the show.

MEANWHILE (30:58): Star Wars Rogue One first trailer, Henry Rollins in He Never Died

NEWS (42:00): Judge Dredd/Aliens/Predator, DC shakes up the creative teams on Bat-Books, Marvel's Cloak And Dagger heads to TV, Garth Ennis' "The Boys" coming to cable, Wolverine 3 casting...

We interrupt the news (at 1:00:18) to bring you us trying some dangerously good Hard Orange flavor Henry's Hard Soda!

The news continues with Macccaulay Culkin, the wonders of Amazon Dash Buttons and finishes with 50 cent Predator

SPOILER SECTION (1:25:20: We talk all about that loveable lunk Negan and that show of pure sunshine, The Walking Dead finale!

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Ep.47 - Daredevil Too: Punisher Boogaloo

Our buddy Brian has returned from the shire to hang with us as we first get past some glitches, then goof off and breakdown some geekery!

As we promote Preacher vs Preacher we discuss the newest Preacher trailer (3:18)

Ed kicks off the EMAIL section (6:24) and we cover important things like: Jubile's powers, Pepto vs Alka, Greyhound & Hudson River Line, Bill's other pod appearances, rouge podcasters, Ed's fave pods, American Taco, Cookie Monster, sibling war stories, Super Hero Steamers, Pets, re-watchable movies, what is a son of a biscuit, and MORE!

In NERD NEWS (47:55) Canada claims Wolverine, Hans quits heroes, Snyder says Robin died and a look and the updated superhero movie release schedule through 2020!

Lastly, we review DAREDEVIL over in the SPOILER SECTION (58:50) we start with our non-spoiler first impressions and then dig deep into the Man Without Fear and his new pal Frank!

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Ep.46 Batman v Superman: Superfriends Forever

Before we get in to our thoughts on BVS, we do some other stuff first!

EMAIL (8:30) - Superman's beverages, Batmobile Insurance, America's Taco, Dom gets Grimm questions, Swamp Thing, Bob rocks out, Arrow talk, Darts, Pets, Unlikely Crimefighter Team-Ups, #ThanksOpalmer, Indiana Jones recasting

NEWS (1:00:16 ) - Kurt Sutter has a new comic book, No Captain Britain TV, Batmobile for auction, Axl Rose and AC/DC

BATMAN v SUPERMAN (1:05:35) - Yeah, look, we really did like it, well, kinda, despite what you may hear.

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Ep.45 Indiana Jones And The Abandoned Dignity

This week the team gets wordy about all things nerdy.... as usual:

EMAIL (11:00): Abs Tatum, Spidey Got Talent, Ben-Hur redo, Ripley v Michelle, Scottish Comics Creators, Lazy Rivers, hits to the jewels, Girl scout cookises and MORE!

MEANWHILE (48:20) Bill & Ed saw 10 C;overfilled Lane and Bob's been playing Rocksmith!

NEWS (59:30): Moon Knight has a new comic coming, Pee Wee Portrays Penguin's Papa, Spidey/Civil War, Screening Room an upcoming movies at home serviceand then Bill goes on for a bit about The Worst Idea Of The Week, or as you would know it: "Indiana Jones 5"

LASTLY: The boys talk a bit about Daredevil Season 2 without getting too spoilery.

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Ep.44 Inside Outsiders With Ed Heavey

Actor Ed Heavey from WGN America's series Outsiders joins us in studio and we get as much out of him as we can about life on Shay Mountain - but that clan is secretive!

After we give him a geek quiz (!), we cover how he ended up on our show, then working on Boardwalk Empire, Daredevil seasons 1 & 2, The Dark Knight Rises, and he breaks down some of the realities of acting and stunt work.

And of course we talk quite about Outsiders and how things work on the mountain, the family dynamic, filming in in the woods, and much more, but the man will simply not tell us any Farrell secrets!

Plus we talk the good old days of wrestling, World Of Warcraft, comic books and much more!
Then hang around afterwards as Bill and the boys go into the email bin and get into things like Table Flippers, Roaming Turkeys, why no Beatles bio pic, and answer all kinds of other wacky questions.
(Outsiders opening theme music "Taker's Creed" performed by Morgan O'kane and is copyright it's respective owners.)

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