This week The Prof returns and makes us eat bad food ideas! Orange Crush Flavored Pop Tarts and some kind of Limeade Peeps something or other! Are they yummie? Listen to find out! ALSO: Ed gives a pitch for a movie called "Final Notice" that kicks our butts! PLUS NERD NEWS: The Batman Movie, Nightwing gets a movie, Hellboy 3, Inhumans rumor! AND: The DCTV Report recaps all the DC comics based TV shows!

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Ep. 93 - Where Are Theysa Now: Jar Jar Binks

This week we get into all kinds of nonsense and somesense! We learn what officially happened to Jar Jar and it ain't good! The chatroom brings Horror to Reality TV! We pitch made up movies! And we cover nerd news like: Stephen King's Castle Rock Hulu series, Kevin Smith brings Sam &Twitch to BBC, And announces more Jay & Silent Bob, Harrison Ford shouldn't fly, Mel Gibson vs Suicide Squad 2, Plus a crazy craigslist ad and MORE!

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Ep. 92 - Straight Outta Newark With Uncle Jay

Sure the first few minutes are pure chaos - but the rest of the episode is damn good as "Uncle Jay" hangs out with us and he fits right in! Almost too well. We cover a lot of ground including reviews for John Wick Chapter 2, Legion, and Lego Batman! Also news about Scarface, Halloween, and Magic School Bus all getting remakes! Plus Pitch Vs Pitch -- and MOOOORRREEE!!

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Ep. 91 - A Waffle This Way Comes

Waffle Jones from WCBJ Radio (The @ComicBookJones Podcast) is our guest this week and it's a blast right out of the gate! He's a certified geek but we give him a Geek Quiz anyway! Chat room games: Get A Movie Drunk & Some New Smurfs! Also: We bring back Lightning Round! Plus geek news and talk: XFL, John Wick TV, More Avatar, The Warriors TV, Email and Ed's DCTV Report!

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Ep. 90 - Beautiful Disaster

Episode 90?! This week we ambush Ed with a quiz about The Oscars! How does he do? How would you do? We play some Pitch Vs Pitch with the imagined title "Beautiful Disaster"! Also, Smushed TV shows and Cheezed Up Movies! Plus some nerd news about: X-Men TV, Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Razzies, Apocalypse Now Video Game, Alien 5 and a DYNASTY REBOOT?

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Ep. 89 - Hoo-Ha In Space!

Sure we cover nerd news and emails, as usual, but Pitch Vs Pitch is back! This time Bill and Bob needed to pitch a movie for Ed's title "What Can I Help You Find?" Also, the crew gives the chat room Kill The Movie Franchise to play with. Plus some new in house promos voiced by Paula Allen from the Tell Me Stories podcast!

News: Star Trek, Neil Gaiman, Good Omens, Witchblade, DC Digital Comics, Hellboy, Black Adam, The Rock, Shazam, Terminator, Shaft and Batman and Superman costumes being auctioned.

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Ep. 88 - Billbasaur and The Haddonfield Hackers

This week we figure out which Pokemon we would be! We announce the next Pitch Vs Pitch title! We give fictional places sports teams! We read the menu from a unofficial Harry Potter restaurant! And as always, we break down some nerdy news, this time covering Star Wars, Deadpool, X-men and more!

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