S2: Ep. 1&2 - On The Road & Mumbai Sky Tower

Here we go, Pilgrims! The gang is finally on the road and we're psyched to talk all about the first two episodes of Preacher season two! Jess, Tulip, and Cassidy have set out to find god and we do our best to break it down as only we can! We recap the episodes, compare as much as we can, and speculate where the show is going in the future. BTW we've changed our stance on "Book Spoilers" so listen closely buckaroos!


DC TV REPORT 6/24/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday June 24th, 2017. I'm Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. There was only 1 new episode this week. So I'm going to start a new tradition. If there is only 1 or no new episodes, I'm going to give a review for a randomly selected episode or movie from DC Comics past. I hope this can remind fans of fun times and maybe introduce people to obscure or long-forgotten entries in the DC mythos. Also be sure to check out Wicked Theory's 2-Part DC TV Season Wrap-Up with special guests Stefanie Muniz from Gotham Lights and Sara Netzley, freelance writer for Entertainment Weekly. There is so much going on and I haven't even gotten into the shows yet. Let's get going:

iZombie - Penultimate Episode – Liv, Clive and Major decided to hide the now-Zombie Harley Johns in the freezer, but his Zombie Hater buddies busted him out. Liv mixed the brains of Ravi’s CDC buddy Katty Kupps in a microwaveable cupcake and had to fight off visions of sex with Ravi and Katty’s habit of picking up strangers in hotel bars. Peyton was ready to investigate Mayor-elect Baracus, but had doubts after being asked by Baracus to be his new chief-of-staff. Chase Graves discovered Major’s sex-tent pics, deduced that he’s now human and fired him. Natalie came back to town, romanced Major and convinced him to move to Italy with her. Liv met Chase Graves at the bar, slept with him and found evidence he may have killed Katty. Last Minute Reveal: Harley Johns showed up at Major’s sendoff party and set off a suicide bomb! Major was standing outside and watched as the house exploded with Natalie and all his former work buddies inside!
NEW Retro Pick: Superboy S02E06 "Bizarro… The Thing of Steel" 11/11/1989

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Ep. 111 - Have Hope For Han

This week we talk about Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo solo film, Sony trying to build a Spider-Man "universe" with just villains, Blade Runners and replicants, The Book Of Henry, American Gods, Fargo, Watchmen on HBO, World War z and MUCH MORE! Plus we try a new "game", we answer email, and generally, try to inform and entertain you for around 2 hours! Let us know if we succeed at that, okay? xoxoxo

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DC TV 2017 WRAP UP - Part 2

This is the DC TV REPORT 2017 season WRAP UP! This is Part 2 because Ed and Bill went a bit too long with guests Stefanie Muniz from the GOTHAM LIGHTS podcast and Sara Netzley, freelance writer for Entertainment Weekly! In this half the group breaks down the 2016/2017 seasons of Flash, Arrow, iZombie! PLUS a look ahead at upcoming shows Preacher Season 2, Krypton, Black Lightning, Titans, Scalped, Watchmen! Spoilers aplenty, obviously.

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DC TV 2017 WRAP UP - Part 1

This is the DC TV REPORT 2017 season WRAP UP! This is Part 1 because Ed and Bill went a bit too long with guests Stefanie Muniz from the GOTHAM LIGHTS podcast and Sara Netzley, freelance writer for Entertainment Weekly! In this half the group breaks down the 2016/2017 seasons of Lucifer, Legends Of Tomorrow, Powerless, Gotham and Supergirl! Spoilers aplenty, obviously.

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Ep. 110 - FLOOGINE: The Return Of Wordulary

This week we start at 900 mph and when things slow down we get into the good stuff! NEWS (9:52): Spider-Man on PS4, Dark Phoenix update, John G. Avildsen passes, and a Hall Of Justice possibility! The Chatroom game (25:20) was Sandwich A Cop Show! Then in the MEANWHILE (26:56) we cover RAKKA, Twin Peaks: The Return, Pirates 5, Into The Badlands and Powerless! Next (58:54), WORDULARY - The Made Up Game Of Made Up Words - is back! The boys come up with definitions for Flimber, Tungle and Floogine! From there, EMAIL takes use all the way to the end with talk about Movies That Should Be Watched Twice!

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The DC TV Report for 6/17/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday June 17th, 2017. As submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. It looked like we were just down to iZombie this week until DC decided to post a new episode of Powerless on YouTube with special guest star Adam West. What a great surprise!

iZombie - Liv and Blaine crashed the Zombie Haters party. Harley Johns escaped but all his friends were killed by Fillmore Graves. Liv, Blaine, Don and Soldier Zack chowed down on Bo Johns’ brain and the conspiracy theories were a-flowing. Zack’s visions led Fillmore Graves to a cabin that turned out to be a trap. Clive and Liv found Harley hiding in a bunker under the cabin, shot him, realized he was being framed and turned into a Zombie. Major’s new fun with Shawna was spoiled when she posted pics of their sex fort on tumblr and a break-up ensued. Peyton discovered Tatum Weckler was a zombie, found her father’s missing SD card and uncovered that Mayor-Elect Floyd Baracus was involved in the dominatrix murders. Last Minute Reveal: Ravi saw a street-side newspaper headline and learned that Rachel, his new friend who he revealed all of his Zombie secrets to, was really an undercover journalist and she just published a full exposé on Zombies in Seattle!
Powerless - Aliens destroyed Emily’s new condo. The team’s unsuccessful attempts to cheer her up were compounded when Chairman Dean West told Emily she had to fire someone. Van became so depressed about not getting promoted that he let Teddy and Ronnie try giving him Flash powers, which turned out to be a prank. Emily fixed the budget to not fire someone but Dean West used that budget to sell Wayne Security to LexCorp. The team thought they were getting fired, but learned their new job benefits included nachos, spa treatments and dolphin swimming. Van stumbled onto the wormhole the aliens were coming from, and the team were going to be turned into nacho cheese, but Jackie saved the day with her new Flash powers. Last Minute Reveal: The team caught Dean West talking to a tree and learned that they might still have their jobs!

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LIBRARIUM: The Coldest City

Welcome to the Librarium, a new sub-series where we'll take deeper dives into the pop culture things that want to talk about in depth. The first one features Bill and Agent Palmer with a review and breakdown of The Coldest City by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart. We chose this for a few reasons, firstly, it's a graphic novel and we are always looking for great comic stories to recommend, secondly, it's soon to be on screen as the motion picture The Atomic Blonde and it interests us to see how anything is adapted, lastly, it revolves around spies near the "end" the Cold War, right before the Berlin Wall comes down - and that's an amazing setting. We plan to do more entries from The Librarium in the future!

Thanks to Agent Palmer for taking part, check out his spoiler free review of Coldest City here:


Music pulled from the official BOOK trailer, found here: https://youtu.be/y6Mw48Z2bf0

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