Season 1 Episode 4 - Monster Swamp

Howdy Pilgrims! Welcome back!

Some say this week Preacher was slower - but we say it was just better! Jesse Custer and Odin Quinncannon! Tulip and Cassidy! Lacey and her demise! Wait… who's Lacey?

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Ep.59 - Scent Of A Jedi

This week the nerd news is never-ending:

6:00 - MEANWHILE: OJ Made In America, House Of Cards

12:24 NEWS: Game Of Thrones, Will Arnett Con, Arrow gets vigilant, Orphan Black end nears, Common goes Samurai, Legends gets villain, Rising Stars optioned, Deadpool pays Bea, More Conjuring, Donald Glover in next Spider-Man, who is the strongest, next X-Box, scent of a Jedi, Woman V Batman V Superman cake, West Side Spielberg.

1:02:24 EMAIL: Lexcorp or Oscorp, She-Hulk v Matt Murdock, Tom & Tom 4EVA, Cringeworthy movie moments, and Cartoon nightmares!

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Illuminati Vs Homer with Stef And Palmer

This week Stefanie from the amazing Gotham Lights podcast joins us! Dom and Ed have gone missing and she agreed to put up with us long enough to get an episode out of her! Oh yeah, and Agent Palmer is there too. Here's how it all breaks down after the intro:

6:20 SUPERFIGHT: Stef V Palmer - "Illuminati on a bike Versus Homer with acid blood" Who will win?

16:40 NEWS: Superman on Supergirl, Disney on Netflix, Mallrats TV, Scarlet to Cinimax, Killing Joke on screens, Jacked JK Simmons, Russian Spider-Man!

55:33 MEANWHILE: House Of Cards, Stef works Comic-Con, Preacher books

17:20 EMAIL: Animal Crackers, Pepsi or Coke, Indian or Chinese, Ice Cream or Cake, Mamet Comics, and Other Jellies.

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Ep.57 - The Mix Up

This week come at you fast, lean, and with plenty of news!

5:24 - MEANWHILE: Thanos Infinity Not-For-Ovens Mitt, quickest TMNT review ever, and the first wave of DC Rebirth Tittles!

16:25 - NEWS: X-Men's Legion series picked up by F/X, Rom & G.I. Joe & Transformers & M.A.S.K. unify in comics, Coppola's Godfather Notebook, Captain Marvel casting rumors, Ultimate Batman V Superman R-rated release, No New Namor, Hannibal Lecter goes to Cybertron, Justice League gets titled, The Walking Lawsuit, Lego madness, Rock is Doc (Savage), and Friday The 13th origin story

51:26 - EMAIL: C3-P0's fashion choices, Supervillains at the urinal, Jackman's successor, Unitard much?, ever take a Greyhound, movie posters, movie soundtracks and scores, that gorilla incident, BBQ foods and duties, and Who is Floronic Man?

That does it kids, check us out at WickedTheory.com

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Ep.56 - Captroversy

The prodigal son returns! Dom's back! Where was he? Are the rumors true? Maybe!

6:00 - MEANWHILE: Preacher, Outcast, DC Rebirth #1

14:20 - NERDLY NEWS: Who will read the news? We settle it with a game of Superfight! then, Captain America got all twisty, and people got all in a tizzy and so we get spoilery about it at 24:00 skip ahead to 39:24 if you like, Animated Miles Morales Spider-Man, T-Hiddy for Bond, Mel was offered Odin

51:03 - EMAIL: SuperGosling, Pulp Fishburne, Bad 80's hair, More Kingpin, A Forgotten Email, Candy vs Farley, Sunglasses etiquette, CW Finales (1:10) Legends O' Tomorrow, Arrow, Flash talk (1:14) gets spoilery, Batman '66, Graduation Speeches, TMNT and more!

We wrap up with Ed's breakdown of X-Men: Apocalypse!

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MacWhyver and Whatnots

We shift things around this week - mullet style! Biz up front and party in the back!

9:05 MEANWHILE: Ed saw Green Room and The Nice Guys! Bob news of people being naughty at BVS! Bill opens the newest Loot Crate!

22:00 NEWS: Outcast is free, Supergirl Fly's Away, Rebirthing Of DC/WB, Keaton Still Hovering Around Spider-Man, Jeff Goldblum and Karl Urban Get Bad For Marvel.

42:21 REBOOT REPORT: MacGyver, The New Star Trek

48:34 EMAIL: Ed's mail has a theme, we recap our Palmer ambush, where's Dom, Preacher talk, Not That Lone Ranger, Red Heads, Parker's girlfriends and MORE!

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Yes, we literally found his Secret Bunker and snuck up on spy guy, Agent Palmer! Then we commandeered his "war room" to record! It was a great time had by most, and once we get past explaining how this all went down, this stuff happened:

8:00 - We gave Palmer an impromptu QUIZ!
27:33 - EMAIL: 3 piece suits, animated bears, DC Rebirth, Chinese Lemons, Two Bill Rants, Hero or Villain, Fave Swayze and Stallone films, Scary Jobs, Legos and more!
1:08:55 NEWS: Darwyn Cooke passes, Cranston and Phillip K. Dick, Marvel's Least Wanted, Fantastic Four problems revisited and more - PLUS - Lots of TV coverage: Shows Gets Cancelled, Others Get Renewed, And Lots Of New Shows Coming - Lethal Weapon, Training Day, MacGyver, Taken, and more!

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Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Review

We couldn't contain our full spoiler review within episode 52 so we put it here! (Go back to 52 for no spoilers) Donald is still here helping us breakdown the highs and lows(?) of what some say is the greatest Comic Book Movie so far! Do we think so? Listen to find out!

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