This week we cover some San Diego Comic Con stuff, we tie in with Preacher Vs Preacher and we also have a Very Special Guest!

4:13 - MEANWHILE: Loot Crate, Stranger Things, Star Trek Beyond

13:14 - NEWS: Netflix Star Treks Worldwide, Ghost Rider Joins Shield, A New He-Man Episode Kinda, Neil Gaiman's Interworld and American Gods, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders, Daredevil, The Walking Dead, Arrow and Ragman, Batman Killing Joke, The Woods Of The Blair Witch, Planet Hulk In Ragnarok, and the Wonder Woman Trailer! Pokemon Go Guidelines, And then bonus: The Justice League Trail!

59:17 - ASK MUMM-RA featuring… Mumm-Ra! All the way from Third Earth, Mr. Ever-Living himself, takes a break from bothering the Thundercats and joins us to promote his new advice column and answer a few questions!

1:08:43 - EMAIL: Klondike Strangeness, Sequel Wait, TV Themes and Cowbell, TV Divorce, Rocket And Groot Go to Space!

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Hey Pilgrims!

Our PREACHER VS PREACHER podcast has teamed up with COMIC BOOK JONES to give away ONE copy of ABSOLUTE PREACHER! That’s Vertigo’s new deluxe edition of the collected Preacher comic series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. It’s oversized, it’s hardcover, it’s glorious. It comes in a slipcase, is faux leather bound, collecting issues 1-26 and includes the script for issue 11 as well as a bunch of pin-ups, plus a new introduction by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg!

It retails for $150.00 and we’re giving it away! TO YOU! FREE!

To enter for a chance to win is fairly simple, just follow the steps below, but we aren't making it too easy, this is Absolute Preacher we're talking about! This thing ain’t cheap and we’re willing to ship ANYWHERE in the world. If you’re already listening to PVP on a regular basis, this will be easy.

How To Enter:

  1. Follow us @PreachVsPreach  @WickedTheory, and follow our friends and sponsor @ComicBookJones on Twitter. You must be following all three.
  2. You must listen to the following episodes of PVP and The Wicked Theory Podcast, in each episode we’ll give out a one digit number. Write it down, along with the email address for PVP, continue to listen if you like what you hear.

  • Preacher vs. Preacher's Recap of "El Valero"
  • The Wicked Theory Podcast Episode 64
  • Preacher vs. Preacher's Recap of "Finish the Song"
  • The Wicked Theory Podcast Episode 65
  • Preacher vs. Preacher's LIVE Mixlr Show* before the Season Finale "Call and Response"

  1. THEN:
    1. Take those 5 NUMBERS, put them in an email...
    3. Send a) and b) to PVP's email (not WT) with “ABSOLUTE PVP” in the Subject Line
    4. Be sure you’re following the Twitter accounts and re-tweeted that tweet, we'll check...
    5. Do it before August 1st 2016 at 4pm eastern  
Only emails that fully complete steps a) through e) will count as "entries". 
One entry per person.
Multiple email entries will ALL be discarded.

  1. We will take the those complete entries and pick one, at random, as the winner. Then tune in on August 2nd to the Preacher Vs Preacher recap the Season Finale of Preacher to find out who won!

    *Note: The live episode will post to the PVP podcast account soon after airing.

    That might seem like a lot, especially when written out like that -  but this is a badass $150.00 prize (plus shipping). This is the only time you'll ever have to get this book for FREE. If you're a big fan of Preacher this is too good of a deal pass up!

    Don't miss any episodes, subscribe now to Preacher Vs Preacher and The Wicked Theory Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play Music.

S1 E1 - El Valero

This week we breakdown episode 8 of Preacher, "El Valero" with Sara Netzly, a freelance writer for Entertainment Weekly who writes the website's weekly Preacher recap! And saves our butt's twice! We had a lot of fun with her and look forward to having her back on.

ALSO, we announce our ABSOLUTE PREACHER BOOK ONE GIVEAWAY, the super deluxe Preacher collection: hardcover, slipcase, collects issues 1-26 & more and retails for $150.00! Want it? Listen for details!

Ep. 63 - Escape From Big Trouble

Things get silly out of the gate as we discuss how a Wicked Theory Drinking Game might work and what a bad idea it is in general, then we do this stuff:

4:00 MEANWHILE - Mr.Robot has returned, The Infiltrator, Throwaways, and Podtoberfest ramps up!

14:55 NEWS - Kid Flash TV Costume Revealed, X-Men TV show news, Big Trouble In Little NY, Plan 9 returns, new Pennywise, Kong: Skull Island, Hunting For Predator Hunters, Mini Nintendo Coming, PokemonCSI.

41:18 LIGHTENING ROUND - a game of ridiculous questions and answers. Bill Vs Bob - who wins?

48:15 EMAIL - Jon Bon Haircuts, Dark Tower Talk, High School Musicals, Pizza Boy, Dream Cars, Dream Vacations, Cooking With Hannibal, autographs, Today in geek history.

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S1 E7 - "He Gone"

This week we recap and discuss episode 7 of Preacher, "He Gone". Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip are all here, but where's Eugene/Arseface? What did we like, what did we hate? How does it compare to the book? Listen to find out...


Ep. 62 - Deep Space Jesus

Yup, we're still here. Still gettin' freaky with the geeky. We even break it into sections, like so:

2:44 - MEANWHILE: This section starts when Ed needs a Preacher related question answered/settled and he asked the right guys. Bill caught "The Night Of" and "Beasts Of No Nation", Bob's reading "Planetary", Dom's reading Joe Hill's "Firemen", Ed saw "Swiss Army Man".

18:02 - NERDY NEWS: Netflix passwords, CW coming to Netflix, John Barrowman king of CW, we glaze over Harvey Award noms, Iron Kid & Iron Doom, Captain America In Brooklyn, Skrulls on Film, Kirk Vs Deep Space Jesus, Warriors ganging up on TV, Kiefer Flatlining again.

48:26 EMAIL: Ed starts us off with Willie Nelson, Johnny Storm, Panini defined, and Super Funeral Music! Plus: Pokemon Go, Exotic Meats, Small Wonder, Matt Harvey, Boss Fights, Celeb meet-ups and MORE!

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S1 E6 - Sundowner

This time we recap episode 6 of AMC's PREACHER and it must be our favorite so far! We break it down, read some emails, give results of our Twitter Poll and read a few tweets.
AND WE APOLOGIZE! We forgot to add in the SPOILER BELL! again. OOPS! We mention it though, so there's that!


New Terms And Definitions

Ed's buddy Satan is back! But he's not half as evil as that name implies! After we discuss what happens when you bring your ethnicity to the airport, the secrets of being a good party DJ, and a quick tease for The Staten Island Podcast Festival, we get into some nerdy stuff:

18:00 - SUPERFIGHT: Satan picks Bill as his opponent in a fight of politically epic proportions: Hillary Vs A Hipster!

24:55 - MEANWHILE: Voltron on Netflix, WKRP Theme, no one saw Tarzan yet and pulpy adaptions, Sully trailer.

44:24 - NEWS: Preacher season 2, Justice League: Course Correction, Dr. Dooms new look, Doctor Strange not so Wong, Clifford The Big Red Monster, Kendrick wants to get Squirrely, Tetris: The Trilogy, Cool movie props auction, and new dictionary entries!

1:21:10 - EMAIL: The movie Sky High, potato chips, SeaQuest:SVU, extravagant spending, Superhero PJ's, dream vacations, Betty or Veronica, Avenger Presidents, Samurai Jack, and more!

Thanks For Listening!