Ep.28 - Jessica Jones and More-Mento

I've heard that of the many things that are consistent to all podcasts, there are two you learn right away. A) That family and friends aren't going to listen as much as you think and B) that evil podgoblins will spontaneously eat your episode. That for decernable reason you will just lose episodes, and it will happen differently each time. Don't try to find a pattern. So for WTP, this is, I think, the third time such unstoppable evil has struck us. Lucky for you and the rest of the world, we were able to reconviene the next day and try again. While you will never hear the medicrity of that first attempt, rejoice because that means the re-do is 100x better.

EMAIL (5:00):
As usual when we have him on, Ed reads his own mail: Fictitious Armies Draft, Dan Akroyd, Wrestling Entrance Music, Gosling/ Blade Runner, Pffft Remakes (13:00) and Unrealistic James Bond Gadgets (14:55)! Then Stef from Gotham Lights Podcast sends a message (20:10), and finally we wrap the segment with something sent in from Agent Palmer: Favorite Fictional Sports (25:39)

COMICS TALK (32:52):
We're going to try and cover comics mre regularly even if it only a few tittles a week, so this time we talk a bit about Mark Millar's Huck, Last Sons Of America, and the Oni Press 2016 Starter Pack (39:24)!

NERDY NEWS (43:55):
We start with news about Memento leads to talk about other pointless remakes, Frank Miller and Dark Knight III (54:15), new Wonder Woman pic (1:02:34), more Riddick (1:05:50), AMC oopsed TWD (1:07:57), Constantine fans still have hope (1:10:40),
TV TALK: The Executed Bastard (1:15:13), The Flash (1:26:58), Walking Dead predictions (1:39:17)

And of course Jessica Jones came to Netflix, we have a Semi-spoiler free-ISH chat about the show up to episode 5 (1:40:00), we'll cover it again once the whole group has seen it!

Thanks for listening peeps! See ya next week!


Ep.27 - Boldly Going Where We've Been Before

Bill, Bob and Ed this week as Dom disappears on an adventure! Let's see how Ed holds up! Here' the rundown, now with time stamps!

Official biz: Preacher stuff (12:05), 50th episode thoughts (15:18)!

Then E-Mail (20:13): Forgive Tommy Lee for Two-Face (21:04), Carmen San Diego (25:12), goofy TV Super Villains (25:50), Peanuts Character resemblance (34:00) Ed's accent (36:40)

Then a Walking Dead text from Ed leads into TWD casting and other news (39:30): Star Trek Boldly Wandering (50:45), Star Wars Starkiller (56:20), Pornhub suffered geek loss (1:00:11), Snowpiercer TV (1:03:36), Outsiders coming to WGN (1:08:46), Hasslehoff removes the Hassle (1:14:00), Gambit finds director (1:16:40) Suicide Squad PG-13 (1:21:00), Van Helsing TV (1:23:08)
TV Talk- Flash(1:32:34) And then some random stuff.

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Preacher Vs Preacher: A Comparison Companion Podcast Starts Here!

We've started another show:

WickedTheory.com presents Preacher Vs Preacher: A Comparison Companion! A podcast that not only recaps episodes of AMC's series Preacher, but also compares it directly to it's source material, the 1990's comic book series of the same name created by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon and published by Vertigo Comics.

It's our little show dedicated to breaking down AMC's new series Preacher and comparing it to the comic book it's based on. In our first installment we introduce ourselves, explain what this pod will be, how much we love this story and then tell you what it's REALLY about. We also try to not give away too much - yet -  because we'd like you to go get the books, read them, and then in May you can dissect right along with us! Listen below!

Reach the show on twitter: @PreachVsPreach or via e-mail: PVP@wickedtheory.com

The Presumed Zooms

We start this week by getting the plug for our new show, Preacher Vs Preacher, out of the way and then get right to the geekery: Constantine on Arrow (6:40), AMC's The Morgan Show (formerly TWD) (11:40), Dom professes his love for The Walking Dead comic (16:50)

Then we hit the E-Mail (19:40): 5 reasons you should write in, is Thanos over-hyped?, new Star Wars trailer (32:23), can film makers "destroy your childhood"? (39:29), Green Lanterns and Pooping in space, Nichole Kidman in Wonder Woman (43:00)

Next, Agent Palmer suggests a topic: Preacher is coming to TV, so which comic would we like to see next? (44:16)

Then we roll into Nerdy News: 6 billion dollar Marky Mark (01:05:00), StarTrek behind pay wall (1:07:18), Greatest American Hero remake (1:13:40)

We wrap up with some Flash stuff, Dom's list of presumed Zoom's (1:14:15)

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Ep. 25 - Ed And His Friend Satan

Our buddy Ed returns and brought a friend named Satan with him. Well, like all first time guests, Satan takes a geek quiz and wins big money! Ed reads his own email, like, Wolverine hair products! Then we talk about Preacher teaser and we announce a new podcast project! Plus: Aliens/Prometheus news, Supergirl aired and The Brink was cancelled! Finally we talk TV:
Ed wants to fight Dom over his prior Flash opinions (1:11:30)
Agents of shield did something good (1:30:00)
The world's worst cliffhanger on The Walking Dead (1:31:28)


Ep.24 - In Carol We Trust

The boys did an early episode because Bill won't be around to record! Where's he going? MICHIGAN! To take part in PODTOBERFEST the LIVE 24hr Geek Podcast from 7DaysAGeek! Find it on Mixlr.com this Saturday or search #7dag24!

So the boys use the time to cover that new Star Wars trailer, The Walking Dead and Gotham!

ALSO, somebody won that money they were giving away!! Whaaaattt?!

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The Return Of The Walking Dead with Jon Miner

Our buddy Jon joins us for really fun episode covering all kinds of geekery and stupidity! He's not a geek but we quizzed him anyway! How'd he do? Listen and see. Other topics: Greatest Movie theme? Diggle's helmet! Underrated pizza toppings?! What super power would we want? The Martian, News: Die Hard reboot, FF, X-People TV, Hulk & Marvel movies, Y The Last Man TV, Moon Knight and more! Then we dissect The Walking Dead season premiere and Dom correctly predict the next episode (more or less)! And near the end, at 2:04, we remember to talk Flash!

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Another One About Really Cool Stuff!

Bill announces he'll be part of 7DaysAGeek's LIVE 24hr podcast on Oct.24th! Whaaat?

TV: Gotham does what's necessary! (Bil mentions he'll also be on the Gotham Lights podcast!) Arrow returns - who's in the grave?! Flash flashes some flaws? Shield is still improving! We figured out Quantico's familiar formula!
We hit some news via Comic-con: Star Wars, Ant-Man 2 and the Marvel movie shake up!
We also go over some new and anticipated comics: New Amazing Spider-Man #1, Southern Bastards #11, Doctor Strange #1 and Survivors Club#1!

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