Ep. 98 - One Size Fits Moist

This week our pal Dan joins us, he knows his nerd stuff but we quiz him anyway! You've probably seen Dan's work! What's his work? Listen to find out! Also we cover nerd stuff like the new Justice League trailer, Han Solo's real name, Escape From New York, and who will play Cable in Deadpool 2? Plus the DC TV report!

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REVIEW: Iron Fist

Here's our review of Marvel and Netflix's IRON FIST! Yeah sure you've heard everyone giving this show a hard time but is it really that bad? Yes and no. Look, we break it all down and give it to you straight so sit back and listen in! Also: some talk near the end about Legion and other Marvel TV projects!

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DCTV Report: Week Ending 3/25/17

4 shows recapped in UNDER 5 MINUTES! Missed the DC comics based TV shows this week? Well, Ed is gonna get you up to speed on Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow!

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Ep. 97 - The Matrix Fellas

This Week "Uncle Jay" is back! And he brings his Kong review! Lightning Round returns too! In Nerd News: Another Matrix Movie, Alien, The Fly Remake, A Venom movie, and more! We talk about stuff we saw: Hap and Leonard, a Breaking Bad Fan Movie, Iron Fist and more! Plus the DCTV REPORT!

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DCTV Report: Week Ending 3/18/17

This week The DCTV Report breaks out! 3 shows, under 5 minutes! This is a sampler for those who've never heard Ed O'hare's weekly quick-fast recaps of the week in DC TV shows! From Arrow to Powerless, he brings you up to speed on everything you missed each week on The Wicked Theory Podcast! (Live, Saturdays 7pm est @ mixlr.com/wicked-theory) Spoilers ahead, obviously, for Arrow, Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow. Let us know what you think!

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Special: Pop Culture Superfight Deathmatch

Match ups you'd never imagine go in directions no sane person would ever dream of as Heroes and villains of pop culture clash for your entertainment! And we use Superfight Cards to "even" the odds! We hash out who live and dies as the fights rage between Captain America, Batman, Optimus Prime, Mumm-Ra, Pappa Smurf, Megatron, The Joker, Lion-O and More!

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Ep. 96 - We Love LEGION

This week we gush about the best show you're not watching: LEGION on FX! Plus brief reviews of Split and Get Out! Also we cover nerd news about Game Of Thrones, Star Trek, Deadpool 2, Preacher, Thor Ragnarok, Bad Boy3, and Iron Fist. As usual, Ed's DCTV Report recaps all DC comics related shows for you! And we answer email! (BTW: we broke out this weeks big bit, Pop Culture Superfight Deathmatch, into it's own episode, look for it! It's a blast!)

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Ep. 95 - The Early Bird

This week we get geeky and goofy as we cover nerd news like: T2 3D, Transformer spinoff, RIP Bill Paxton, Inhumans adds cast members, and a Die Hard plot hole resolved and more! PLUS: The Weekly DCTV Report! Pitch Vs Pitch: The Early Bird! Vegetarian Movies! LAst minute email! And More!

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