Special Report: Justice League Review

Strap on your cape, grab your trident, and harness the Speed Force, because the DC TV Report busts out of its small-screen confines this week to bring you a bonus podcast devoted to Justice League, now playing at a theater near you! Ed and Sara open with a spoiler-free discussion of their general impressions, then at (10:46), they shift into a spoilerific discussion of what worked (the music!) what didn’t (the villain—for Sara, anyway), and how the film fits into the overall DCEU.

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WTP ep. 132 - League Of Just Us

This week we give a spoiler-free review of Justice League touch base with the Punisher and give a status report on Star Trek! Plus Quentin's working on a 70's era, Manson murder related movie, we discuss! Somebody it trying to reboot STRIPES! Franco joins the X-Men! Also we discuss 1922, The Punisher and the potential of cereal!

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DC TV Report week ending 11/18/17

Strap on your pig masks and tune in to another episode of the DC TV Report! Ed and Sara open the week with an update on the harassment allegations making waves in the DC CW universe before moving on to the shows we all love. Lucifer (10:08) delivers perhaps its best episode to date, Supergirl (23:22) nails the casting of teen Kara and Alex, The Flash (31:40) teaches Dibney how to hero, Legends of Tomorrow (43:08) goes full Freaky Friday in old-timey Hollywood, Gotham (54:22) hosts a perverse dinner party, and Arrow (1:05:55) gives us the Slade Wilson flashbacks we’ve always wanted. All that, plus news (1:16:08) about iZombie, Krypton, and Titans; Sara and Ed lament anonymous internet comments, contemplate the requirements for a proper love interest, and cannot stop dropping random '90s references. Plus, the winners of the week (1:24:39)! Word of warning: Ed had microphone issues this week. You can hear everything he says but it sounds like he is on the phone with Sara.

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WTP ep. 131 - Everone Loves Edamame

It’s a full house with Bill, Bob, Dom, Ed and Uncle Jay!

The Nerd News this week includes: a “new trilogy” for Star Wars, Disney is booting up a streaming service, Universal puts it’s Dark Universe in the basement,  Metal Gear Solid gets a movie, more Kick-Ass soon, Jessica Chastain wants in on IT and finally more Shazam movie news to make Ed excited.

Over in the Meanwhile section (reviews & recommendations); Netflix’s Wheelman, What We Do in the Shadows, Ex Machina, Icarus, Geostorm, we digress into where Ed is from, then on to Murder On the Orient Express and a bit of Mr. Robot.

PLUS: The Chatroom game: #Sci-fi menu items and Pitch vs. Pitch returns with Dom’s title “The Drop”!

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DC TV Report for 11/11/17

Get your singles ready, because Ed and Sara are here to discuss this week in DC TV! Lucifer (8:10) and Ella have a Vegas adventure, Supergirl (18:27) breaks up a power couple in the most humane way possible, The Flash (38:05) introduces us to drunk Barry in the bachelor/bachelorette party episode, Legends of Tomorrow (49:10) brings back a familiar baddie in Victorian London, Gotham (1:04:21) lets its female characters shine, and Arrow (1:14:18) delights Ed with its bone-crunching Deathstroke action. We've also got news (1:26:37) about a potential new entry in the DC TV lineup, a Supergirl-powered mini-lecture on responsible media ownership, and the winners of the week (1:30:46)!

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WTP ep. 130 - People Want Bombadil

This week Ed and Uncle Jay make their triumphant return so we start off with where they were!

Ed reacts to last week’s Shazam news and new news with Black Adam. PLUS: Morgan Creek looks to return, 35 years of Rambo, Lord of the Rings end up on TV , and Disney is raising the stakes to put Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters, which prompts Ed to give us a thankfully short history lesson.

Then on to this week’s hashtag chatgame #BrokenTVShows before we get into the Meanwhile.

A short review of Thor, look for our FULL SIZED special review episode!

Bill talks recommends the podcast “Inside of You - Michael Rosenbaum,” Ed talks Manhunter, and two bad movie decisions, tag-team review Uncle Jay and Ed review Suburbicon. Then Emails, Ed complains about trailers, and Uncle Jay buys a third version of The Thing on Blu-Ray...

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Review: Thor Ragnarok (with & without spoilers)

Our review of Thor Ragnarok is here! With and without spoilers! We cover the great moments, the Kirby influence, the Goldblum effect, the Easter eggs, the cameos AND MORE!

PLUS: we hear from Mark Ruffalo HIMSELF about THE REAL PLAN about Hulk standalone movies! And we track down the current whereabouts of ALL the Infinity Stones!

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DC TV Report for 11/4/17

Another week, another round of superior DC TV shows! Lucifer (6:41) ruins a favorite dessert but teaches us some creative swearing alternatives, Supergirl (17:55) battles literal hero worship in a moving exploration of Kara's faith, The Flash (30:10) introduces a rubber-limbed comic favorite, Legends of Tomorrow (42:45) goes full-blown E.T. in a Ray-centric outing, Gotham (51:54) gives us Bruce behaving badly, and Arrow (1:03:33) quite simply hits a bulls eye in every possible way. Plus, news (1:13:34) from Preacher, Black Lightning, Titans, Random tangents referencing the X-Files, The Shannara Chronicles, and a Nick Hornby short story, and you'll want to put on your dancing shoes for the winner of the week (1:16:32)!

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