Ep. 124 - Assemblage of Miscreants

We open with usual banter and then get into telling you about our new podcast, The DCTV Report! We call Ed’s DCTV co-host Sara Netzley, to get the scoop on the new show and what listeners can expect!

For news we cover The Punisher trailer, HBO orders Watchman, live-action Akira, the new Terminator movie, The Defenders numbers and a director calls out Disney.

Chatgame for the week is #TVShowASandwich.

And in MEANWHILE: Dom and Bill saw IT, Jay and Ed saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Plus Captain Marvel on Blu, Uncle Jay shouts out Shout Factory again, Ed mentions LEGO Ninjago, Dom and Bill talk about Rick & Morty, Dom also talks about American Horror Story and even Bob has a Meanwhile this week!

Bill remixes the email intro to attempt to get Dom to sing live on the show as things move to emails: Film Festivals, stabs at Bill, The Orville, Romantic Comedies and plot formulas, movies with live orchestras, super abilities and much more!

Ed’s OLN - http://ourlinernotes.libsyn.com/episode-66-would-an-ed-by-any-other-name-not-sound-as-sweet

Bill’s OLN - http://ourlinernotes.libsyn.com/episode-64-more-wicked-in-reality-than-in-theory

Uncle Jay’s Gotham - http://gothamlights.libsyn.com/episode-071-uncle-jay-boy

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The DC TV Report for week ending 9/23/17

Ed and Sara are back for round two in the DC TV multiverse! Gotham's the lone premiere of the week (4:04), so the Wonder Twins take a deep dive into just how high the Penguin's electric bills must be. Then they discuss the fresh headlines about Gotham, Preacher (45:45), Lucifer(48:34), and the huge CW crossover, along with Supergirl (49:55), Flash (59:18), Arrow (1:02:34), Titans (1:04:47), and the newest potential show in the DC lineup: HBO's Watchmen (1:08:50). Finally, Ed and Sara introduce a new regular segment debating which hero or villain won the week. (Hint: This time around, it's crappy mask vs. crap-your-pants mask.)
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Ep. 123 - BIG NEWS, Sad Losses, and "MOTHER!"

Big news this week about the DC TV Report, and the Absolute PVP Contest! Plus, Ed visited Our Liner Notes and Uncle Jay finally crashed the Gotham Lights Podcast.

CHATGAME for this week is #Movie Parmigiana ex: Attack of the Killer Tomato Sauce!

In news we talk about the losses of Frank Vincent & Harry Dean Stanton, JJ Abrams returns for “Star Wars IX,” Matthew Vaughn confirms “Man of Steel 2” talks, an intriguing “Halloween” reboot confirmed, and Tim Miller will direct “Terminator 6” with heavy Cameron involvement.

Meanwhile we discuss and review The Orville, American Assassin, The Lawnmower Man Collector's Edition, and "Newark Talk" about Mother!

Ed’s OLN - http://ourlinernotes.libsyn.com/episode-66-would-an-ed-by-any-other-name-not-sound-as-sweet

Bill’s OLN - http://ourlinernotes.libsyn.com/episode-64-more-wicked-in-reality-than-in-theory

Uncle Jay’s Gotham - http://gothamlights.libsyn.com/episode-071-uncle-jay-boy

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The DC TV Report for 9/16/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday September 16th, 2017. I'm Edward O'Hare (nickname To Be Determined) we had a Finale this week and instead of a Retro Pick I have a huge announcement regarding the future of the DC TV Report. Stay Tuned:

Preacher- Season 2 Finale - Years ago, a young Jesse worked as the greeter to Angelville, killed a chicken dead, and offered the bird to his creepy grandmother. In the present, Eugene finally escaped Hell and brought Hitler to Earth. Unfortunately, der Fuhrer ditched Eugene right away. Starr staged a school shooting. Jesse saved the day without Genesis (which seems to have stopped working) and got invited on “Kimmel.” Cassidy finally had enough of Denis and threw him out a window leaving him to burst in flames. Tulip was excited to get on the road again, went to say goodbye to Jenny, confirmed she worked for Grail and took a bullet in the chest. After getting a call from Cassidy, Jesse raced home, fought with Cassidy to prevent him from biting Tulip, and ended up letting her die.  Last Minute Reveal: Jesse drove a furious Cassidy and Tulip’s body to Angelville and the scene faded into God’s dog mask in a messy hotel room. It sounded as though someone was in the shower and the bathroom door opened, revealing a blinding light!
AND stay tuned at the end for OUR BIG NEWS!!

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S2E13 - The End Of The Road

To wrap up the season of Preacher Vs Preacher we brought in both of our regular guests, Sara Netzley and Agent Palmer! It's the Season 2 Finale! How does it compare to the book? Well, we talk about that A LOT! We talk season highlights and theorize Season 3!
Thanks to
@SaraNetzley and @AgentPalmer for joining us!

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Songs AMC's PREACHER Hasn't Used Yet - But Should

By Bill Sweeney
Host of Preacher Vs Preacher

Preacher is the kind of show that isn't afraid of much. If you're at all familiar with it, you're aware that it likes to push the boundaries as well as your buttons. We could get all into that stuff (y'know, the sacrilegious story lines, the perverted proclivities, or the humanization of Hitler) but instead we're going to focus on something else the show isn't afraid of...

Musical diversity.

The show loves music and the proof lies everywhere. From the opening scene, where the AMC series uses the same Willie Nelson song as the comic book source material to kick things off, and past the season two premier where "Come On Eileen" becomes the centerpiece of a Car Chase Karaoke sing-a-long as they flee the law like some demented version of Bo, Luke and Daisy. Music is a vital part of this world, so much so that the fact that God really digs Jazz is a substantial plot point. One of the shows favorite things to do is to use music for good ol' comedic juxtaposition. Whereas most shows tag a melancholy ditty to the last ten minutes of an episode to wring out as much emotion as possible from a third act "Look At Us, We're Being, Like, Deep" montage - at least when Preacher does it, the ironic humor is so dark, and the music so morbidly downbeat, it just brings the melodrama to heights that you can't possibly take serious.

But not the fight scenes, the fights are very serious. But hey, That's Life.

All that said, I got to thinking about what other songs would work on this show, and the answer was just about any song! Sure, season one had a lot of country and southern twang, but it took plenty of turns and season two has been branching out a bit more. So, realizing that I could easily end up in a rabbit hole of chasing YouTube recommendations, I limited myself to just three but then immediately recruited the rest of the PVP team and a couple show friends.

Everyone gave three suggestions and I picked one from each to spotlight as the best fit or "most likely" to be used:

From Agent Palmer
Our buddy, frequent PVP guest (and occasional Remote-Assistant-Producer) Palmer couldn't pass up on The Toadies big hit Possum Kingdom. Maybe it's that "So help me, Jesus" refrain, maybe it's that pop legend that the song is about vampires, or maybe it's just that the sound kinda fits. His second choice, by Sponge - Plowed ("Say a prayer for me..."), has some relate-able lyrics ("In a world of human wreckage") but it's that classic Let's Get Crazy anthem Andrew W.K. known as Party Hard that just feels like a montage track for the trio in bar fight, or hell just some Cassidy brand shenanigans:

From Sara Netzley
Sara is a consummate professional, so the fact that she hangs out with us on PVP must be her only flaw. We'll forgive her for it. She wisely points us to the band Cake, noting that their music sort of fits the show's mood and that the track Rock and Roll Lifestyle would likely work. "It's upbeat but asshole-ish at the same time." Her second selection reflects those comedic juxtapositions mentioned earlier, offering "Air Supply used hilariously and ironically over a lovelorn Cassidy montage. Picture him moping to All Out of Love." For me though, it's when Sara mentioned The Cramps' "All Women Are Bad" for a scene with Tulip misbehaving or just being badass, that I knew we'd found the perfect match:

From Bob
It's kind of a shock they haven't used Bob's first pick yet, Son Of A Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield. It's got a certain pop familiarity for people and would feel quite aligned with this Tarantino-esque world. His second offering comes from thrash band Testament, a 400 mph track called The Preacher that needs to be heard if only for the high pitched screams. I'm going to give the spotlight to his selection of Megadeth's "The World Needs A Hero" because it's got a great, rolling, drum heavy trough line cut up by a nasty little guitar chugg. I just see that purple Chevelle tearing up the road:

Tyson from @Preacher_On_AMC
From perhaps the most active Preacher fan account on Twitter comes a track that feels like it should have already been used, "I put a spell on you". Tyson points out that this works best for actress @JulieannEmery, provided she gets to sing as Featherstone again. So, yes, the Nina Simone version it is then! On the screwball comedy side of things, "I touch Myself" By The Divinyls would probably work very well for Herr Starr. Tysons best match, and admittedly "super obvious", comes from Rick Springfield and is a track we can only assume the creators of the show are saving for a later date:

From Bill (That's MEEEEEE!)
Hiding All Away is a slow burn of a groove from Nick Cave And The Bad seeds that just turns epic as it explodes in the last minute or so. The chorus "There is a war comin'" just feels right. Eventually these characters are supposed to end up in my neck of the woods, NYC, so what better song to blast when they cross into the state line than AC/DC's "Safe In New York City"! But the one I think fits best is a cover of Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love" by The Morlocks. It's kind of a deep cut but it's smooth as mooshine on ice. Dig it, baby:

From Dom
Another PVP co-host, Dom imagines a blood-soaked adaption of that badass scene from the comic where the Saint of Killers rolls into Masada and murders just about everyone in that place all set to Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz. The more you listen and picture it, the more brilliant the idea becomes. His second pick is Wu Tang Clan's Bring Da Ruckus "Used in a chase and/or fight scene in NYC involving Jesse and Cassidy against like 25 guys, because hey, Cass probably spent some time in the 90s around the hip/hop scene and personally knows every member of the Wu Tang Clan"
The one I think should get the spotlight is Loose Change from Royal Blood. Dom suggests another fight scene,for this one, but Jesse and Tulip this time, and that after they win, maybe it turns into a steamy moment between the two of them in a public place.

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    Ep. 122 - Two Great Evils

    This week lots of "IT" Talk! Is  “It" the cinematic apology for "The Dark Tower” from Hollywood? Ed and Uncle Jay review it! The chatgame combines the two greatest forms of evil! In Nerd news: Colin Trevorrow exits Star Wars IX, Drew Goddard will write/direct “X-Force”, Gavin O’Connor setting up to write/direct “Sucide Squad 2”! Plus reviews for The Tick and Glow! And much more!


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    The DCTV Report for 9/917

    Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday September 9th, 2017. Submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined.

    Preacher - Penultimate Episode – Eugene was able to find his self-confidence and beat the Hell-o-projector, escaping with Hitler into Hell’s ventilation system. Hoover released the Saint of Killers and unleashed him on our heroes. Everyone took a licking but the day was saved by Ms. Mannering who dragged the cursed gunslinger back to Hell as a favor to Starr. Afterwards, the Pope announced to the world that God was absent but a new savior may be on the way. Starr had Cassidy and Tulip brought to his office and explained his plans for Jesse to be that savior. Tulip and Cassidy tried to warn Jesse that they hated this idea and would not join him on this journey, but Jesse was adamant that this was his destiny. Last Minute Reveal: Feeling abandoned by his friends Jesse decided to join Starr and begin taking his place as the Messiah!
    Retro Pick: Smallville S03E14 "Obsession" 2/14/2004

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