Ep.73 Underneath 17 Gold Variants

This week things get off to an "interesting" start, but you'll hear all that right from the jump, but the cool stuff is what we cover in the section called MEANWHILE: a new podcast from a friend of the show, Agent's of Shield, ARQ, Magnificent 7 and Lethal Weapon: The TV Series.

Then we hit you with some news: Hulu gets Postal, Carpenter on TV, Class: The Doctor Who School For Gifted Timelords, Morrison goes Savage, Leto is Warhol, Todd still says he's making a movie, and …Hamdog?

Then it's for The Game That's Hard To Lose - Lightning Round!

Followed by EMaaaaiiillll! Scrappy Doo Vs Captain Ron, Weekends in the Valley, Play a Superhero on TV, Where's Clara, and that dang Metric System!

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Ep 72 - Mumm-Ra Returns!

We bounce around in the opening section: leftover Swedish Fish Oreo's, chat room demands, Podtoberfest, Brother Dave gets a Patreon song, Then, in the Meanwhile section: WT invaded Gotham Lights Podcast and Ed covers Documentary Now!

24:34 NEWS - Star Trek pushed back, No StarWars TV, Stan Lee gets a movie, Lithgow as Joker, Cranston wants to be Sinister, Toxic Avenger and MORE!

53:00 - Ask Mumm-Ra! The Thundercats worst enemy returns to dole out some more advice to emailers!

1:03:27 - EMAIL - Silent Film Stars vs Warner characters, If Marvel bought Disney, Artificial Intelligence, Cross-country listening, Batman Day, and more!

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Yes, We Now Have A Patreon.

Hey, look at that! A means by which you could help us out AND in return get exclusive content, stickers, maybe a coffee mug, maybe have a stupid song sung about you. There's options.
And if we can get up to a monthly support level of $75, I have volunteered to be ROASTED, Friar's Club style, for your amusement and my ridicule.

If that's not an incentive, I don't know what is.

Head over to Patreon.com/WickedTheory to get all the info and choose which rewards are the most appealing to you!

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"Wrongity" and Swedish Fish Oreo's

It's a full episode this week, Dom's back and we come in hot! We talk PodtoberFest 2016 and play a couple of fun promos, a quick Patreon update and some other Non-Official Business before we get to:

15:55 - MEANWHILE: Grimm, Stranger Things, Sully, Better Late Than Never, Narcos, Atlanta

38:50 - NEWS: Black Lightning On Fox, Alan More Quits Comics, Shanghai Noon 3, Booster Gold On Film, Joe Manganiello Is Deathstroke, Batman '66 Animated, Alien Nation Remake, Real Star Trek Combages

1:05:00 Swedish Fish Oreos Tasting: yes they're real. Who liked them?

1:12:35 Email - Punisher with or without a beard, road trips, a Sci-Fi Movie Stumper Trivia, Pop Culture Divorce, and MORE!

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Ep. 70 Dr. Doom's Assistant

This week we talk about stuff. Again. You seem to like when we do that. After our opening chatter, we get into these things:

4:30 - Announcements: the new LIVE time (Saturdays at 7pm Eastern at Mixlr.com/Wicked-Theory), our episodes are now on youtube, and we started a Patreon account where we reward you for supporting us! (Patreon.com/WickedTheory)

28:01 -Oreo Update
32: 20 - Meanwhile: The Get Down
36:15 - Lightning Round
43:34 - News: Black Lightning, Deathstroke, Oliver Twist, and more!
01:03:00 - Email: Dr. Doom's personal assistant, Mr.Pickles, and more!

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Ep. 69 - Superfight And Pizza!

Okay, so, this week we did episode 69 live (at Mixlr.com/wicked-theory) BUT BILL NEVER ACTUALLY HIT THE RECORD BUTTON. Bill, Bob and Ed, decided the only thing to do was order a pizza, turn the mics back on, recap the lost episode (including the news and emails) and play some SUPERFIGHT! E.T. vs A Bull and Robin Hood vs A Hipster are just two of the hysterical fights that went down!

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Hey Peeps! @Prof_Politico returns! We were live and you missed it - but thats okay! Here's the whole thing! We tried our best to answer "stupid questions" from the chat while we discussed things like: Amazon Pilot Season (The Tick, Jean Claude Van Johnson), the new Metallica single, Streaming Services, The Lost Boys on CW, A Random FMK, Movie Presidents, Blah Blah Blah. Then we do more news and Blah Blah Blah. Then we read email! Blah Blah Blah! Laughs are had!

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Ep 67 - An Evening With Cyclops

This week we burned right through the news because we had a bunch of email - but laughs were had along the way!

3:44 - MEANWHILE: Dom saw Twenty One Pilots, Bill saw Green Room and we discuss that New Rouge One trailer!

21:50 - NEWS: Star Trek Discovery details, Dolph on Arrow, Grant Morrison's Brave New World, Musical Flash/Supergirl, Aqua Crow

37:08 - EMAIL: Cyclops At Home, Heavy Metal magazine, A New Listener Binges The Back Catalog, Terra Nova Remembered, The Walking Dead, Suicide Squad, Ritz Bitz, Hangovers, Cold Character Career Options, Pizza ATM and MORE!!

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