WTP136 - Let's Get Brave

After acknowledging the absence that is making Ed nervous we get into the NEWS: Deadpool’s future, “Kill or Be Killed” getting adapted, No More Logan, Woody Harrelson potentially in Venom and Max Landis hints of his changes to his remake of American Werewolf in London.

MEANWHILE, Bill talks about the podcast “Homecoming,” Ed’s watching “The Deuce,” “Darkest Hour,” and...“The Joy of Painting”? Which is a happy accident, isn’t it?

This weeks CHATGAME: Disney + Fox = ?

Then on to emails! Holiday wish lists, last minute shopping, the size of swords, young Sweeney war stories, the problem with Klondike bars and more!

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DC TV Report for 12/16/17

DC TV's final episode of 2017 proves polarizing for Ed and Sara, who debate the highs and lows of Lucifer's midseason finale (4:27). (Spoiler: Sara basically only found lows.) Then they discuss how the Disney/Fox merger might affect Lucifer and Gotham (27:42); guest star news for Supergirl (30:39), The Flash (37:23), Legends of Tomorrow (39:05), and Arrow (42:23); and game-changing plans for iZombie's upcoming season (57:17). All that, plus another Black Lightning sneak peek (1:02:51), a Titan casting call (1:03:17), and a deep, deep dive into a few of the characters we might someday see in the Arrow-verse. As always, the show ends with the winner of the week (1:06:40)!

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WTP135 - Beam Me Up, Honey Bunny!

We boldly go wherever Quentin Tarantino and Star Trek go, so we’re excited by buzz that they are working on a thing! Disney and Fox are “just talking!” but that doesn’t stop us from speculation and theories.

ALSO: we consider Jon Hamm as Batman, reveal that Black Mirror is coming back soon!, then Star Wars talk with Uncle Jay!

Meanwhile… Bill’s watching The Tick on Amazon Prime (which Ed also recommends), Bob’s watching Future Man, Ed saw The Disaster Artist, and Uncle Jay digs into his collection!

Chatgame this week: #QTbeamsUp examples: Quentin Trekitino, Mr. Pinkard! Then a couple of emails to wrap it all up!

BTW, this week, Bill was on GeekDig 168 http://www.geekdigpod.com/home/episode-168-wicked-star-wars-theory

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DC TV Report for 12/9/2017

Shocking twists? Life-or-death cliffhangers? Surprise guest stars? Must be midseason finale time! Ed and Sara kick things off this week with 2017's second-to-last Lucifer (5:44), in which the suave devil finally lays eyes on his new nemesis. Then it's on to the final episodes of the year for Supergirl (19:42), in which Kara has an unhappy Christmas; The Flash (37:16), in which Barry is unhappy about his wedding gifts; DC's Legends of Tomorrow (47:48), in which our heroes have an unhappy Beebo Day; Gotham (58:59), in which nobody has a happy anything; and Arrow (1:07:50), in which a happy Olicity has a lovely wedding reception followed by a helping of betrayal. Ed and Sara also cover news (1:19:51) for Krypton, Black Lightning, and Titans, and an intriguing hint from a WWE superstar about possible Watchmen connection and the winner of the week (1:27:32). All that, plus tips for talking to your husband's super-powered ex-girlfriend! (Tip No. 1: Don't.)

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WTP134 - Tangentially Speaking

This week, we discuss all of our guest spots on recent podcasts, and then get right into the NEWS: Lots of Avengers talk, and a couple tangents… Our thoughts on the new Dick Grayson, American Gods is now in need of a showrunner, Masters of Universe script discussion and other He-Man discussions, and Cleopatra Jones might be getting a reboot.

Meanwhile; Future Man on Hulu, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Halt and Catch Fire, and Crisis on Earth X.

Chatgame and then LIGHTNING ROUND and an email! We only got one, so start sending YOUR questions to podcast@ wickedtheory.com.

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DC TV Report For 12/2/17

The CW aired its epic crossover this week, so join Ed and Sara as they marvel over the thrilling four-episode Supergirl/Arrow/Flash/Legends superhero-palooza (9:28), followed by an update on the CW’s Kreisberg situation (57:06) and tidbits about The Flash (58:31) and Legends of Tomorrow (1:00:31). Then they transition to an enjoyable lady-centric episode of Gotham (1:01:48) before closing with updates on iZombie (1:13:55), Black Lightning (1:17:29), V for Vendetta (1:20:41). All that, plus Amell-centric movie recommendations and the winner of the week (1:22:31)!​

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WTP ep. 133 - Aboy Damn Time

This week Ed’s out but Bill, Bob, Dom and Uncle Jay are here!

NEWS! Blomkamp’s “Flight of the Navigator” remake, Lizzy Caplan joins Gambit, Jake Gyllenhaal wants “The Batman,” Ben Mendelsohn wants Doctor Doom Jude Law will play Mar-vel and MORE!

Then Uncle Jay’s Star Wars Report: Star Wars Unleashed! Hamill’s big tease, Rey’s possible origin, no Lando and Chewie smacks a Porg. What does it all mean? We discuss.

Meanwhile! The Punisher, a discussion with small spoilers, but nothing plot related or too revealing. Then Justice League reviews, without Ed! But you can hear Ed’s review over on the special DCTV Report (http://wickedtheory.blogspot.com/2017/11/special-report-justice-league-review.html).

And Uncle Jay geeks out about a 3 hour and 8 minute cut of Superman and a different cut of Superman II, which leads to a Dom confession!

Pitch vs. Pitch: About Damn Time! (A very strong week!)

Emails! We write the Deadpool 2 post credits scene, discuss Thanksgiving leftovers, and answer other listener questions with tangents. You too, can send in your questions to the show podcast@wickedtheory.com.

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DC TV Report for 11/25/17

The DC TV Report has five new shows to be thankful for this week! Monopoly becomes a metaphor for life on Lucifer (4:49), a changed Mon-El returns to Supergirl (20:19), The Flash (31:44) explores the origin of The Thinker, Mick meets a familiar face in Vietnam on Legends of Tomorrow (43:08), and Oliver and Diggle finally have it out on Arrow (53:14). All that, plus news (1:09:12) about next week's huge Arrowverse crossover, an iZombie-adjacent Christmas movie recommendation, updates on Gotham and Watchmen, and the winners of the week (1:23:12)! Bonus: Ed and Sara reminisce about the old-time TV miniseries and shows that were cancelled too soon.

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