ep. 102 - World Conflict

This week we moved the news rundown to the front because there was so much! Ooh look! Time codes!

News (8:50): New Mutants, Deadpool2, DarkPhoenix, Avatar, X-files, krypton, Carmen Sandiego King Kong/Skull Island TV, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Locke And Key To Hulu, Tom & Jerry & Willy Wonka, New Warriors TV

Chatroom Game (44:52): #SuperheroSongs! The chatroom gave us lots of funny responses to this one!

Trailer Trash (49:54): American Assassin, The Little Hours, Wakefield, The Beguiled

Meanwhile (1:09:49): Fargo, Freefire, Baskets, Arby’s, The Discovery, The Sting

World Conflict (1:27:35): Which World would you rather live in? Avatar Versus The Matrix!

Email (1:35:56): Safest and least safe Sidekicks, world travels, Tom Berenger and more!

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The DC TV Report for week ending 4/22/17

This is the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday April 22nd, 2017.  As submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. Still no CW superhero shows this week. But we did get 2 new episodes of fun, offbeat DC comics goodness.

iZombie: Liv drank a latte of brains from a Mindfulness instructor that made her annoyingly contemplative. She and Clive figured out the killer was a former business partner who went to prison after the victim ripped him off on a stock deal. Katty from the CDC started getting close to discovering zombies in Seattle. Ravi lied to throw her off the scent. Blaine started playing piano at a fancy jazz club and discovered his dad Angus is still alive. Angus and Don continued prepping their Zombie night club. Major continued his soldier-for-hire training, and started getting sick. Ravi’s cure is going sour. Ravi developed a possible remedy for the amnesia and begged Blaine to test it. It took a really angry Ravi badgering Blaine and admitting his love for Peyton, but Blaine eventually agreed. Last Minute Reveal: Peyton made up with Ravi, but their “welcome back” kiss was interrupted by a noise that turned out to be a pantsless Katty. Peyton stormed out and sought comfort from Liv as Blaine played piano!
Powerless: The whole company prepared to leave on a corporate retreat. Van hired comedy writers to feed jokes to him through an earpiece so he could blend in with the common folk. Everyone got on the bus except Emily and the rest of the regular cast when suddenly Dr. Psycho released a gas in the city and the building went into lockdown. Emily wanted to pass the time singing karaoke but the team said NO! Teddy broke a window and everyone had to hide in the lab. Emily inhaled the deadly truth gas and started laying into everyone, refusing to come back into the lab. Van gave an inspirational speech written for him and the team was able to lure Emily back with Karaoke. Last Minute Reveal: The next day Emily remembered nothing.  The team appreciated Emily more and invited her to Karaoke after work!

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Ep. 101 - The Return Of Trailer Trash

This week Uncle Jay is back and we break down trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Transformers: The Last Knight, Thor Ragnarok, and Hitman's Bodyguard. In nerd news Josh Brolin is Cable in Deadpool 2! Also: we discuss the value of Dolph Lundgren! Would we rather live in the world of Jurassic Park or Hunger Games? Plus: The DC TV Report, email and #SmartenUpAMovie!

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The DC TV Report for 4/15

This is the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday April 15th, 2017 as submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. All the CW superhero shows took the week off so there were only 2 new fun and quirky episodes this week:

iZombie: Liv and Major ate the brains of a father and daughter who were murdered in a car crash. Major was oozing with teen drama and learned that Fillmore Graves feeds its zombies mashed up brains in tubes that don’t cause visions. Liv and Clive figured out the victims were killed by the girl’s best friend’s mom, because they knew the best friend was sleeping with her stepdad. Cavanaugh questioned Clive about Wally’s murder and we learned through flashbacks that Clive rescued Wally and his mom Anna from an abusive dad, and looked after them until Anna decided to move in with her brother. When Liv and Clive questioned Wally’s neighbor they learned of a message board full of humans who know about Zombies and want to harm them. Last Minute Reveal: Clive admitted to Cavanaugh that he often thinks about how things might have been different if he stayed in Wally and Anna’s lives!
Powerless: After saving Green Fury from an explosion while she was distracted by reporters asking about her breakup with Olympian, Emily pitched GF as a spokesperson for a flame-retardant poncho. GF agreed and after the Wayne Security board wanted to sex up the ad, GF got the Olympian to join in. The ad went great and GF got a call from JL Europe. Teddy tried using focus groups to make himself cool for Green Fury, and learned from Ron that it’s best to just be him.  Jackie was upset with Wendy for making friends with her daughter Ruby and not telling Jackie why Ruby punched a boy and got suspended. Damn pinky swears! After Ruby admitted the boy was making fun of Jackie there were hugs and sorries. Last Minute Reveal: Van started talking to Green Fury about the importance of sticking to your principles and Green Fury flew away mid-sentence!

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Ep. 100 - We made it.

This is our 100th episode! And we spend most of it reliving our yesteryear via a quiz or two - about us. Who said What, what happened when, all that stuff! Plus we've got audio clips from well wishers. Kinda. Okay, SOME of them are nice and the stuff that isn't, well, most of it's true. Our regular segments get pushed aside but we do eventually get to email and answer stuff about Guardians Of The Galaxy and a few other nerd things.

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The DCTV Report For Week Of 4/8

This is the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday April 8th, 2017 as submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Season 2 Finale: Rip made contact with the team, grew the Waverider to normal size, and the Legends all headed back to World War I France. Reverse Flash followed them back, literally ripped Atom’s heart from his body, and destroyed the Jesus blood. The surviving team was discovered by their past counterparts. There was a whole big showdown-faceoff-battle-royal-fight-for-all-the-paiella-thingy. Heroes died, there were dozens of Reverse Flashes, and it all came to a head when White Canary decided to use the Spear of Destiny. She had a nice talk with a spirit of her dead sister, Laurel, and decided it was best to let Laurel stay dead. When she came out of it the Spear had been depowered, a Speed wraith killed the Reverse Flash. The other LoD members were returned to their previous times and mindwiped. Oh, and Vixen decided to stay with Steel instead of going back to 1942. Last Minute Reveal: The Waverider got caught in a time storm and crash landed in Los Angeles 2017, which is now filled with weird futuristic architecture and dinosaurs!
iZombie - Season 3 Premiere: Vivian Stoll, CEO of military contractor Fillmore Graves, had her small zombie army cover up the zombie massacre at Max Rager. Back at her HQ, Vivian laid out to Liz and friends her plan for D-Day (when humans discover zombies), an island being built into a zombie haven, and a school of zombie kids. One of the kids was Clive’s friend Wally. Major had to drink bad coffee and got his house vandalized because he was the chaos killer. Ravi continued his labwork, trying to compensate for the retrograde amnesia his zombie cure causes, and struggled to get over the fact that Peyton and Blaine had a thing. Blaine started piecing together the truth about his life before amnesia and asked Peyton if he and she had a thing. Scott thawed out Angus and they are planning to deliver serious payback to Blaine. The security guard from Max Rager told his story on a wacko conservative radio show. Someone brutally murdered Wally and his family, and may be targeting zombies. Last Minute Reveal: Liv saw Major training with the soldiers-for-hire. He is working for Fillmore Graves!
Powerless: Teddy was saved by Green Fury, got smitten, and ignored his real girlfriend, Hannah, trying to get rescued again. In the end he chose Hannah but blew it when he had another awkward moment with Green Fury. Van’s mom remodeled his old room and shipped all his childhood toys to Wayne Security. Emily wanted her own office, and challenged Van to a Green Arrow Dart match to get it. The team tried to get Emily to throw the match. Van actually won on his own and gave Emily the office anyway. Emily told Van everyone’s been letting him win all his life, and Van was crushed. Jackie told Emily what a jerk she was and Emily cheered up Van by reminding him they are both on the same team. Last Minute Reveal: Van was about to sneeze… and then he didn’t. Well, he sort of did but it wasn’t that bad!

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Season 2 Preview

Season 2 of AMC's Preacher is right around the corner! A short trailer has been released along with a few official photos and some casting news! We break it all down, reflect on season 1 and look forward to speculate where Season 2 will go in comparison to the books!


Ep. 99 - Swear Bear Adventures

This Week Uncle Jay is back and things get nutty and nerdy right off the top! He gives us his reviews for the movies Life (Jake Gylaahnhauhl) and Silence (Liam Nesson)! Bill breaks down a couple of new comic books he's excited about: God Country and Curse Words! Then in NEWS there's talk about Iron Fist, Cable in Deadpool2, Batgirl movie by Joss Whedon, and Bill reads an excerpt from Stephen King and Owen King upcoming collab! A new segment called Trailer Trash with Spider-Man, IT, Valarian, Planet Of The Apes! And more! PLUS: The DC TV Report recaps all the Dc shows for the week in under 6 minutes!

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