Ep. 69 - Superfight And Pizza!

Okay, so, this week we did episode 69 live (at Mixlr.com/wicked-theory) BUT BILL NEVER ACTUALLY HIT THE RECORD BUTTON. Bill, Bob and Ed, decided the only thing to do was order a pizza, turn the mics back on, recap the lost episode (including the news and emails) and play some SUPERFIGHT! E.T. vs A Bull and Robin Hood vs A Hipster are just two of the hysterical fights that went down!

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Hey Peeps! @Prof_Politico returns! We were live and you missed it - but thats okay! Here's the whole thing! We tried our best to answer "stupid questions" from the chat while we discussed things like: Amazon Pilot Season (The Tick, Jean Claude Van Johnson), the new Metallica single, Streaming Services, The Lost Boys on CW, A Random FMK, Movie Presidents, Blah Blah Blah. Then we do more news and Blah Blah Blah. Then we read email! Blah Blah Blah! Laughs are had!

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Ep 67 - An Evening With Cyclops

This week we burned right through the news because we had a bunch of email - but laughs were had along the way!

3:44 - MEANWHILE: Dom saw Twenty One Pilots, Bill saw Green Room and we discuss that New Rouge One trailer!

21:50 - NEWS: Star Trek Discovery details, Dolph on Arrow, Grant Morrison's Brave New World, Musical Flash/Supergirl, Aqua Crow

37:08 - EMAIL: Cyclops At Home, Heavy Metal magazine, A New Listener Binges The Back Catalog, Terra Nova Remembered, The Walking Dead, Suicide Squad, Ritz Bitz, Hangovers, Cold Character Career Options, Pizza ATM and MORE!!

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Ep. 66- Two Many Chads

This week Agent Palmer joins us via Skype to breakdown a week in geek! After an awkward start the boys get all into the news and then breakdown Suicide Squad with a non-spoiler AND a spoiler review - and then Chad The Undead shows up. You may remember him from our SNOWMAGGEDALYPSE episode.

8:23 - NEWS: Star Wars TV, HULU docs Bill Finger, where has JMS been, a Swamp Thing thing, Chander Talcum In A Remake Of Splash

29:16 - EMAIL: Disgusting Chinese food, Geek Olympics, Sly Movies, modern Dirty Harry, TV/Movie Rage, Digital Comics, Dark DC/WB, Babylon 5, Sam & Twitch, Our Vehicles, Kid Snacks and MORE!

1:18:35 - SUICIDE SQUAD - Non-Spoiler Review

1:32:56 - SUICIDE SQUAD Full Spoiler Review: well this goes smoothly until Bill's old buddy Chad drops by and has to be all up in it.

2:14:57 Wrap Up: we exit the spoiler talk with a minute or two to close down the show.

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S1 FINALE - Call And Response

The season wraps up here! Sara Netzly, Entertainment Weekly's online Preacher recapper, joins us AGAIN! Why would she do that to herself? We don't know, but we're glad she did! She helps us break down the last episode this season as Jesse Custer, Tulip O'Hare, Cassidy, Arseface, Sheriff Root, Donnie and Besty, Odin Quincannon and the whole town of Annville comes to a crossroads!


LIVE Season 1 Pre-Finale Special

We went live again! This time we pregame the Preacher Season 1 finale! We speculate and theorize about the finale and the road ahead, also we look back at some of the highlights for the season! And Bob Skyped in from Florida! Dedication!

We apologize for the rough skype connection with Bob as the show progresses.

Ep. 65 Batman’s Autobiography

This week we breakdown news and do all our normal stuff in our typical unusual way!

3:40 MEANWHILE - Bill wins a Slantie, Bill and Ed saw The Killing Joke - in a theater!

16:16 NEWS - Superman On Supergirl, A Rundown Of Comic Book Shows in development, Geof Johns Now Supreme Leader Of DC, Suicide Squad Mid Credits Thing, Mo Han Solo, Avengers Re-assembling, Loot Crate Recall Continues, Mini Sega, Pokemon Sex Toys,

43:34 LIGHTENING ROUND - A silly game played by silly people returns!

51:45 EMAIL - Sun Chips, Super Hair, Tom Hanks Sequels, Quantum Leap, Email From a Baby, And That Baby's Dad, Garage Sales, Fruits, Mumm-Ra, Pokemon Go Away, Sandstorm, and more!

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S1 E9 - Finish The Song

This week the boys recap episode 9 of Preacher "Finish The Song" Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are one week closer to lining up with the original story. The ABSOLUTE PREACHER GIVEAWAY continues! plus email and a poll!