S2E10 - Dirty Little Secrets

Well this week brought one of the craziest story points from the Preacher books to life as Jesse meets.... well, you know. Thank god Sara Netzley is back to break it all down with us as we also follow Tulip, Cassidy, Denis, plus Featherstone and Hoover! Listen to us recap, theorize and speculate episode 10 of season 2!!


EP.119 - Messed Up Match Game

A lot happens on this one! Zombie John Thompson hangs with us and that means he has to take a nerd quiz! After that we do NEWS (20:30): Gremlins 3, Obi Wan & Jabba getting movies, $10 movie pass, Locke & Key TV, Monster Squad 30th and more! Then the chat game review (51:08) of podcasts for 6yr olds! Next is the big one, MESSED UP MATCH GAME (55:27 but really starts at 59:00)!! After the dust settles we get into meanwhile (1:24:50): DEFENDERS, Logan Lucky, Hitman's Bodyguard and more! We wrap the whole thing with email (1:51:50): cosplay, superpowers, dirty town names, heroes in NYC and more!

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The DC TV Report for 8/19/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday August 19th, 2017 as submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. We have another Preacher to discuss as well as a Retro Pick from DC's animation renaissance of the '90s. Let's jump right in:

Preacher: Jesse was so desperate to find God, he was browsing YouTube. Tulip came home again with bullet bruises, refusing to sleep and Jesse became so concerned he used Genesis on her. Herr K. Starr was too bored to deal with Jesse himself so he sent a team of Grail Seals. Cassidy killed most of them but took bad injuries, and we learned that Denis has now been turned into a Vampire. Jesse used Genesis to make NOPD clean up the crime scene and prepare for the next attack. Lara and Hooper (the Grail couple next door) convinced Starr to kill Jesse with a B.R.A.D. missile but Starr changed his mind after getting raped by male prostitutes, and Lara redirected the B.R.A.D. to Harry Connick Jr.’s house. Last Minute Reveal: A week later, confused and frustrated, Jesse sent the cops home and sat in a bar drinking Ratwater, where he was visited by Herr K. Starr, who offered to help him find God!
Retro Pick
Batman Beyond S02E02 "Earth Mover" 9/25/1999

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S2E9 - Puzzle Piece

Hey look! @AgentPalmer joined us to breakdown Preacher S2E9 "Puzzle Piece" and compare it to the book with us! Yayyyy! Listen as we talk about Jess, Tulip and Cassidy's ever changing dynamic, Denis and his new outlook, Herr Starr's hole-y adventures, and more! How many times do we ring the bell? We theorize where the show might go next and answer an email from an old friend.

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The DC TV Report for 8/13/17

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday August 12th, 2017. I'm Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. It's another week in summer, so there's another new Preacher and a retro pick from the '70s that truly tested my DC fandom. It starts now:

Preacher- Eugene and everyone in hell sat around waiting for their projectors to be fixed, while Ms. Mannering tried to weed out the person who didn’t belong there. Hitler figured out the truth about Eugene and offered to help him escape. Jesse went to an electronics store and asked techies to help find clues in the God audition. They came up with nothing, and Jesse left dejected but we saw a “Grail Industries” logo on the disc as it was shredded. Tulip was still restless, bought a new fridge, went around the apartment building spackling up bullet-holes and unknowingly made friends with the couple from Grail sent to spy on them. Denis layed in his bed, under hospice care and Cassidy struggled to care for him. Last Minute Reveal: Cassidy called his buddy Seamus, who advised him not to bite Denis. Then Cassidy stood over Denis singing “Charlotte the Harlot”, a sweet song he sang to Denis as a baby!
Retro Pick: SHAZAM! S01E05 "The Road Back" 10/5/1974

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Ep. 118 - Starts Bad, Ends Strong

Hello Faithful Listeners! Look who's back? Your old buddy Dom has returned for a limited time only! Get'em while supplies last! After a bumpy opening (as usual), we get right into the news: Netflix had some things leave and some new things arrive, Neuromancer at Fox, Jovovitch in Hellboy, and Lemmy is a fish! Then at the 28:18 mark the boys bust out that WT classic, LIGHTNING ROUND! After that, Jay reviews Wind River and Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four! And then we get into all sorts of randomness when we open up the E-Mail!

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S2E8 - Holes

Here we are again and we dragged Sara Netzley back too! We're covering episode 8 of season 2 of Preacher! Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are still in New Orleans on the hunt for God and gettin' into trouble along the way. We theorize where it's all going, we compare it all to the book (where and when we can) and we have some laughs along the way. Apollogies for the volume issues, we'll be sure to fix that next time around. We went live and you should have been there, go to Mixlr.com/wicked-theory NOW to sign up, and click follow to get notifications whenever the show goes live! Be there!


Game Of Thrones Mid-Season 7 Special

Hey GOT fans! Bill and Dom saw episode 4 of season 7 and realized they needed to tell everyone how great this season has been so far! They cover the high points so far, while they analyze, theorize, summarize and agonize over all the cool stuff that has happened!

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