WTPC Ep. 15 - Our Best Most Favorite Films!

This week there's a lot of movie talk as each of us run down our Personal Top Ten Movies!
Before that: Dom saw Straight Outta Compton, Bill mentions the 7 Days A Geek podcast and the fun he's had with them lately! Next he reveals some WTPC listener stats! And we read Emails, a bunch, from one person - which includes Elvis in superhero movies!? We do the usual pop news chatter: Marvels Most Wanted, Preacher pics, and more! Then we do our movie lists and we close with a listener suggested topic that takes all over the place - eventually to Star Wars!


Where To Find Our Podcast - And How!

In our effort to take over the world with this podcast, we're constantly looking for places to post our stupid show, we want to infect as many minds as possible, and turn each of you into a happy little satisfied listener.

So, yeah, you have options and some of these apps you may already have, but we're going to help you suss out what works for you, so don't hyperventilate, okay? Cool. Here's where and how to find our show, listed in no particular order other than when we were added, because each has it's pluses and minuses:


WTPC Ep.14 - "Um, Fall Movie Preview, I guess?"


This week, we start with a very "important" public service announcement and we mention Fantastic Four for the last time!

Next, we recommend Descender!

Then onto Nerd News: Stan Lee sued! Zach is Joker! Thrones news, Kindergarten Cop 2, Not-As-Fresh Price, Sesame Street comes to HBO and more!

Finally, we shift into Fall Movie Preview mode! Black Mass, The Martian, JEM!, Spectre, Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Revenant and more!

Check out this episode!


New Listener? Here's how to win $50 at Amazon!

Yes, we'll bribe you to listen.

If you've never listened to our nerdy show (or if you have, but just want to torture yourself by re-listening) this giveaway might be perfect for you.

In episode 11 of The Wicked Theory Podcast I revealed that in the previous 10 episodes, I had not-so secretly hidden a number somewhere in the last third of each one. Here's 5 E-Z STEPS how to get $50 bucks at Amazon:
  1. Listen to eoisodes 1-10 of WTPC, get all those numbers!
  2. Put them in an email, in order they were revealed....
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  4. Next, put a link to YOUR POST in the email too, so we can see what a dedicated fan you are.
  5. Be the first to send those numbers and a link to your post to Podcast@wickedtheory.com!
It's just that simple.

Whomsoever sends that to us first will get a beefy big ol' shout out on the show and voucher code by email, worth $50 bucks at Amazon! If this post is still up - the contest is still open! I'll take this post down when a winning email comes in and make an announcement post even if it happens between show recordings.

Thanks for listening!


WTPC Ep.13 - Dom And GRRM 4eva

Thanks for listening! This is Ep. 13! Spooky!

Lets' run it down:

Dom got to meet George R.R. Martin creator of Game Of Thrones! He tells us about it!

Then we beg YOU for email!

In news:
Flash Castings and a little theorizing!
 Fantastic Four turns out to be a Fantastic Bore!
Bloom County is back!
Which looks better so far, Deadpool or Batman v Superman?
We say g'bye to Jon Stewart!

Then we discuss the new trend of The "Sequel Series" - Prison Break, X-Files, 24, Heroes Reborn are all coming back?!

 And of course, other assorted nonsense sprinkled throughout!

Lets us know what you think!

Email us!



WTPC Ep.12 - A Topical Storm

This Episode: Bill got trolled, Dom's reading Outcast, we still love The Brink. After we say goodbye to Rowdy Roddy Piper, we do news: Game Of Thrones updates!

Dom had a twitter exchange with Evan Goldberg about the Preacher AMC series and got us an EXCLUSIVE?!  Gambit Tatum, Fantastic Four Fears, James Woods is suing a twitter user, Dom is going to meet George R.R. Martin? T

hen we do some suggested topics including, The Partridge Family, Destro's Junk, what happens when the Thing poops, Batman Vs Darth Vader, and Favorite nerd movies!

Finally, can Bill guess a comic from his collection without seeing it?!


WTPC Ep.11 - The Flash Flaw Theory

We made it past ten!

This week: Dom gets a TWD gift for his birthday! Then we talk poppy stuff! Southpaw, boxing movies & movie critics! Dom gives us a bit of what it's like in Catholic school.

Then in Nerdy News: Michael Chiklis is coming to Gotham! There's a new "Spidey" book! Tyrese STILL wants in Green Lantren Corps! MJ wanted to be Jar Jar! Then we get into some dissection of Marvel's Phase 2 and 3 movie schedule!

Then we breakdown a flaw with The Flash! Finally, we announce our first CONTEST giveaway!
Do you like money? Listen closely!

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WTPC Ep.10 - Ant-Man Review And More!

Welcome back! Thanks for listening!

This week: did Bill & Bob do their Flash/Orphan Black homework? Dom saw The Foo Fighters and who?

In News: Girl Meets World Meets Batman? What's up with Fox's Apocalypse? Was the idea for Spider-Man stolen from a 1954 halloween costume?

Then we give a brief Non-Spoiler review of ANT-MAN before we give a Full-Spoiler review! What did we think? Did we like it? Listen to find out!

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