Norton Hulks Out!

Why so angry, young man? In four months you'll be taking over the summer box office. Come on! Be happy. You're in EMPIRE MAGAZINE, for Stan's sake! So's Logan!(and just about evey other Comic Book Movie in production, from the looks of it!) You're in the big leauges, now! Maybe one day, you join the Avengers. If those snobs will have you, that is.

While you're there, check out the ABYSMAL trailer for Starship Troopers 3. Yes. That's right. Number 3. Like you, I guess I missed the theatrical masterpiece that was second one. But hey don't mock it just yet because they got Hollywood's least overworked star to come back: Casper Van Dien.
(audience: "ooooooooo. aaaahhhh")

We'll file this project under D for "Desperate attempt to create a trilogy just for the sake of making a boxed set that eventually will be purchased by the only two people who might care, and one of them thought it was actually a fancy coaster set."

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