Gnew Gnarls Barkley vid

JT say this is some crazy-fresh stuff right here. I kinda agree, that whole retro-via-the-neo sound is so alive. I bet they'll have stronger songs to come, but I can't wait for the new CD to drop.

Updated: the vid is only available At mtv's page - just click that lovely bald head, and then come back to us. We need you.

Other cool vids from theses kids, off their first disc, St. Elsewhere:

Smiley Faces

Who Cares? - Blackula needs love too:

...and for fun here's: Crazy - Theremin Jam

And The Raconteurs cover it a Loserpaloza xxiv:

I found areally cool version by Nelly Furtado, BUT universal music group blocks embedding codes from their Youtube clips. So go here if you care. So instead, I'll pass along a clip from GB live at Abbey Road Studio performing a moody version of Transformer:

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