I Would Vote For Joad Cressbeckler.....

...If I voted at all.
I don't do politics (Perhaps I'm too logical for my own good, but I find the whole thing an absurd waste of time.)and I don't often pretend to (when I do, I do it at the Professors).

But this is different.

The Onion News Network has brought to light a candidate I can get behind. Listen to his TAX PLAN. He's got good ideas for CONGRESS. Pause the vid to check out those credentials!


  1. You do know people vote for more than just the president, right?

    Like in California, there's Prop 8.

    And in addition, if you don't vote, then don't complain about any sort gov't policy. Because that's being a whiner.

  2. I'm well aware of the voting process and how it works. And I do respect the people who take the time to do so. I believe it's fundamentally important. But I also believe that people who don't follow the candidates, or really know what the propositions are about, probably shouldn't.
    In addition, I don't complain. Truth told, I don't get involved in conversations like that. Unlike many people, I know when my opinions are extremely unpopular, and I opt not to share them.
    The majority of the opinions found here are about entertainment. Did you watch the clip? Did you think it was funny? At all?
    Thanks for posting.