Disney Creates A Little PANDORA All It's Own

"Do you mind... I'm trying to relieve myself... thanks."

Regardless of how weak the movie's story may have been, it sure was pretty and the fact that it made a few pennies is undeniable. So it should come as no surprise that Disney has found a way to serve itself a slice of that cash pie.

They plan on turning a section of Disney World's Animal Kingdom into a little bit of Planet PANDORA.

So many questions...

How real will it be? Will patrons be required to wear oxygen masks? What about those floating rock islands? Those look dangerous, unless we're strapped up for rock climbing.

How will they pull of the dramatic look and style of the planet? Maybe spray paint some Lions purple? Dress up birds as jellyfish? Throw fake blue vines everywhere for the poor beasties to choke on?

What about the colors of the fauna? Dome the whole place and pump in massive blacklights?

Will their be hair-braiding kiosks - adults only or with parental permission?


  1. Avatar: Top CGI movie of my time.

  2. Yeah, well Disney will also be doing John Carter Of Mars. Actually it's "A Princess of Mars," but what's in a name? Hopefully, the movie will be just as fabulous as Pandora, and the story-line is just as kick ass as it gets. OK, it's ERB, but he had a little more to say than: "Don't chop down Grandmother Willow."