NSC* REPORT: After 2012 ain't lookin so awesome either....

By NotSoCrazy

NotSoDaumus: Predictions of the far and... not so distant future.

Director Shawn Levy of Rock’em Sock’em Robots based movie “Real Steel” announces his next project, a film about a heard of plastic hippos that can’t stop consuming white marbles. He has tentatively titled the work “The Day in the Life of Starving Artist”.

The long awaited Buffetland opens causing children everywhere to dream of the day they can meet fun loving spokes character “Warren the Weasel”. Millions of adults rejoice as they can now go to visit the money they no longer have.

Marvel Entertainment releases its sixth reboot of the Hulk story starring Gwen Stefani. In an official press conference, the bones of Stan Lee commented “Please forget the last Gilbert Gottfried version. We are working on evolving the story in the new release.”

The Theory of Global Warming is updated to the Theory of Global Warming and Fabreze as the nice smelling compound will overtake nitrogen as the majority compound in the atmosphere in a projected three years.

Author Dan Brown releases his new novel titled “The Di Vinci Meal” where Buddy Langdon, the child of character Robert Langdon, goes on a quest to discover where the stock pile of kid’s meal toys is being horded by following the clues on a meal’s cardboard box.

By a vast landslide of votes, the National Football League officially becomes the fourth branch of the U.S. Government. Commissioner Ocho Cinco rejoiced in the decision saying “It’s about damn time”.

The breeding herd of the McRib will reach the size of two-thirds of the area of Brazil, allowing McDonald's to offer the tasty delectable three times a year. USDA reacts with a mandate that McDonald's print a health warning in consumable ink directly on the bun causing fans of the sandwich to frenzy to get one final “unlinked” collector’s edition McRib.

Let’s hope those Mayans were right!

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