Meanwhile... 1/29/12

While you were out shopping for things for all your stuff, we found more stuff. We're a little short this week so we can ration out the internet, because, y'know, one day we're gonna run out of stuff to tell you about... and you're gonna cry.  But you can always jump in one of our daily Caption Contests - that seems to be making people smile.

Andre says: Don't worry. Be happy:

This dude's nasty with a blade. We found this on Reddit.com too, and we were instantly mesmerized by this man's freehand skills:

Mikito Ozeki / Cut Out from mikitoozeki on Vimeo.

BadAssDigest wants to know why you hate movies. Probably the same reasons as everyone else.

Billy Joel is not for everyone. Will Stegemann examines the BJ songbook, and his own life-long hesitence towards the music of Long Island's Musical Maestro... A Year Of Billy Joel

Drunk behind the WHEEL? Pat and Vanna like the sauce. By sauce, we mean booze. EW.com

Shrute Show? If anyone can exist outside THE OFFICE it's probably Dwight... EW.com

From the cool kids lunchtable:

The "Shit [insert stereo type-able group/person] Say" videos are everywhere. We think it started with Shit White Girls Say but it quickly spread to Black Girls, Asians, Asian moms, Drake. Everybody is making one, so that means the trend is almost dead. Hell, even SLJ made one:

Oh my beloved home, America. You are fast becoming a wastland of vapid, naccicistic, ego driven, over-indulged celebutardism. One day somebody is gonna snap. Like real bad. To show us what that might look like, Bobcat Goldthwait has directed a film that challenges this behavioral/cultural shift.... with a 9mm slug. It's Natural Born Killers without the wanton bloodlust, but some laughs and maybe a message (of sorts). Arriving on VOD first, then a limited release, here's the Red Band Trailer for the aptly named "God Bless America":

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