Meanwhile... 2/5/12

While you were busy trying to decide how much of your kids college fund to put down on today's big Superbowel game we scoured the internet to find things you might not have seen:

First, you ain't no badass, because this Crab is a Badass:

Mark Jenkins is an artist specializing in... sculptures. You may have seen his work. If you saw it firsthand, as intended, you might just crap yourself.... ForMyHour

Google knows your every move. If that's not cool with you, there are options.... WIRED

His name is INGO MONTOYA, look him in the eye, and then ...Prepare To Die

They started with Snoopy. But it's the Superbowel, ya gotta bring out the big guns, right? So MetLife got a hold of evey cartoon character who wasn't working to be in this ad. How many can you spot and who's getting out of Richie Rich's limo?

Swarm. A Sci-Fi short film. Enjoy:

The voice of MARIO speaks. A mile a minute at that. In this video he tells, quickly, about how he got the gig as the world's most famous monkey chasing plumber:

Kristen Bell is ADORABLE. But you knew that, right? Well,  if you weren't in love with this gal already, wait until you see what happens when she gets a SLOTH:

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