MEANWHILE... 3/18/12

"Meanwhile..." It's a Wrap-Up thing we do-- blah blah whateverShatup!

has hit! This preview of Ridley Scott's "ALIEN" Prequel/Sequel/Companion Piece/Other is just loaded with confounding yet spectacular imagery, so let's just get the HD awesomeness! Full screen, Ensign!

 NYPD Capt. George Stacy is determined to catch the masked vigilante pictured. There is now a website, phone number and a few ways you can help. Look at this, he was on the news recently:

NBC's GRIMM got renewed for another season

TNT'S FALLING SKIES Two-Hour Season Premiere: Sunday, June 17, at 9 p.m.

From the official announcement:
"King of the Nerds is primed to become television's ultimate nerd-off. The show invites competitors spanning the full nerd spectrum to come together to face challenges that will test their intellect, ingenuity, skills and pop-culture prowess. The nerds will first compete as teams before moving on to individual challenges, all with the goal of being named the quintessential master of all things nerdy."... aintitcool.com

You know how when you like something, then a friend points out how stupid it is by giving you examples of how stupid, and then you start to question that thing? Suddenly you wonder if it's really any good? Yeah. Do you watch "2 Broke Girls"?

It's hard getting on the guest list at Cobra Island…

freed the vampires too. Freed there evil souls from their physical world. You must've been out that day in school….

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