MEANWHILE... (4/1/12)

By Bill Sweeney

While you were trying to decode the American Stonehenge, we scooped up all these scraps of randomness, put them in a pile and now were pushing it in front of you. This week: Fake Turtles, Walmart Kid, The First 1080, Soundgarden makes a little sound, Cameron Goes Deep, How To make a Penis and MORE....

In case you were wondering where the highest concentration of METAL BANDS was. Yeah... Scandinavia.

Michael Bay's
NINJA TURTLE script has leaked a little bit. Well not really…FunnyOrDie

If Kickstarter is for good ideas, where do bad ideas go? Here... nonstartr 

Soundgarden Reunites just in time to get their new single "Live to Rise" on The Avengers soundtrack. In a marketing move of questionable brilliance, here's a 22 second riff…

What's a kid gotta do
to get kicked out of a WalMart?

What's a kid gotta do
to break a world record? The first ever, 1080.

We need more millionaires like
JAMES CAMERON. People who are willing to spend their money in an effort to further science & knowledge - who cares if it's also because that person has a hard jones for some personal interest. From the description: "March 26, 2012 — In a state-of-the-art submersible, National Geographic explorer-in-residence and filmmaker James Cameron reached the deepest point of the Mariana Trench, breaking a world record for the deepest solo dive."

Is this the first SUV? Either way, somebody needs to remake this bad boy.....retronaut

It's called the BACON COFFIN. I expected something meatier...  geekosystem

From the description:
" "You're crazy and sick for making this video!!! Youtube is going to take it down for sure!"
Perhaps, and if that is the case I will abide by their decision. Why make this video you ask? Why to showcase the character creation tool in Soul Calibur 5 of course!! And c'mon, let's face it. If Namco didn't want us to make shit like this they wouldn't have given us the tools to do so, so exactly!"

Now see this and see what you may not have see before.

SKYFALL is the next JAMES BOND flick. Let's take a quick look behind the scenes wi-Argh! LookOuT!

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