Meanwhile... (8/26/12) FIXED!

There you are! While you were trying to understand what it was you saw in the sky, I found stuff that I thought you might mildly enjoy. I hope. THIS WEEK:  Seth Green's new STAR WARS toon, Hollywood Wisdom, Wisdom removal, LANDO's Office, New Ginger Remix, How to Clean A Fan, Fake Water, SHARK BAIT, Black Holes Are Misunderstood and MORE! (Plus, we make an announcement!)

Watch your fingers. It's certainly not an "attack" but very still cool.

Ironically, without your wisdom teeth you sound a little silly.

Bored? Wanna Race?

A new Star Wars show is coming with Seth Green at the helm. Here's a peek:

Reel wisdom doesn't come from within, it comes from movies…

Ladies and gents! Fallon's Ragtime Gals!

Cuteness Overload is a lil' ity penguin bein tickled.

Ever since the fall of the second Deathstar, the galaxy has been over run by popup "We Buy Gold" shops and flaky lawyers. Here's one now…

This kid can't park for shit…

Ok kids, time to get dropped off at school…

You can never
have enough Gingers Have Souls Remixes…

What's so difficult?

Black Holes.
Everybody should have one.

Here's a very chill wtf…

Fake water never looked so good.

This dude just wanted to clean the fan…

Always have an alternative…

Yeah, I'd toss it right out the window after a minute.

For the love of sweets, give him a cookie!

That's the end you sexy bastards. Stop crying! Listen Buckaroo, we do this round up nonsense EVERY Sunday, so look for it regularly or dig up some of our previous editions of Meanwhile.

Coming TOMORROW: Remember when we ran for the Presidency? Well, refresh your memory, because the final chapter of the saga can now be told. It's a farcically epic tale of a Campaign Tour gone wrong - death, corruption, property loss, soul-possession and vehicular outlandishness that combines far too many tropes in an effort to destroy a piece of your childhood. We'll make an official announcement later today on our Facebook Page. Look for it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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