MEANWHILE... (10/14)

While you were waiting on line I found these 12 videos hiding in the cracks of the internet! It's Like "WTF: The Musical!"

THIS WEEK: Zombies 2X, The Smell, A Real UFO, Weird Beans, Swedish Meal Time, FREEKY, Crack and MORE!!

The Walking Dead are walking back TONIGHT! Let's all sing!

Here's another way
to get all mathimagician about multiplication…

More Zombies! A winning entry from a recent Walking Dead contest…

AWOL NATION - KIll Your Heroes

I Sit On You.

He knows the smell.

is dangerous.

In 2011
, several people in Jerusalem saw the same bright light descend from the sky and no one told me about it. Great footage.

Mameshiba. I don't know what else to say.

More Epic? ‪Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time‬ is not "regular".

I'm on Crack?

- Die Antwoord

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