It's our Christmas Un-Spectacular!

While you were checking your list of photbombs of the year - and checking it twice to see who that is in the back, we found all these videos and that's better than getting Breadfish under the tree isn't it? We mix up the holiday weirdness and regular weirdness, just like when your extended family comes into town!

THIS WEEK: Killer Santa, Walking Dead Christmas, Stripper For The Kids, Snow Spa Prank, Bad Puppets, Fruit Ninja, The Glitch, Moo Milkshake AND MORE!

You better be good…

If you're real good we'll bring your kids to a Dutch Christmas party:


When you think about it, Ya, Santa ist a creep, ya?

Speaking of Creepy, here's a dose of WTF...

The 12 Drunken Days of Christmas

Time to Unwrap your presents!

Earlier this week a fake video of a EAGLE SNATCHING UP A BABY turned out to be a fake - but it is totally within the realm of possibility. Just ask these goats:

Going to the SPA?
Bring a helmet.

Learn: Get paper and tray and keep track.

Fruit Ninja IRL!

Video game glitches get out of control.

Who ordered the Milkshake?

Maybe you'd like a sandwich
to go with that. There's plenty for everyone…

NPH dreams in puppet. (catch the TV jingle 2 seconds in)

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Thanks for stopping by and from all of here at WT, enjoy the fuck out of your holiday!

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