A Stranger Conversation I Had

Captures my likeness exactly.
Want to hear me ramble on about myself?

Well, it's actually better than that sounds.

I had a chat with Grant from The Stranger Conversations podcast and he was crazy enough to post it!  I discuss all my marginal accomplishments, family stuff, creative endeavors, geek stuff and more.

Listen with feigned interest as I try and talk about my home town as if I really keep up with that stuff. Be passably amazed as I regale about the time I was on TV (full story here)! Be relatively unsurprised as I mention that I shoplifted comics as a kid (more about that here)! Imagine in your mind as I badly describe my own artwork (or just go look at it here)!

In all seriousness, I had a great time and a lot of laughs. Grant has a real knack for asking on point follow up questions and puts together a really excellent podcast about people you don't know.

See, he doesn't know them either, but before every episode is over they have shared more then they, or you, might have expected. Good stuff every episode, check it out.

Listen here: Episode 10: Bill Sweeney

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