The Presumed Zooms

We start this week by getting the plug for our new show, Preacher Vs Preacher, out of the way and then get right to the geekery: Constantine on Arrow (6:40), AMC's The Morgan Show (formerly TWD) (11:40), Dom professes his love for The Walking Dead comic (16:50)

Then we hit the E-Mail (19:40): 5 reasons you should write in, is Thanos over-hyped?, new Star Wars trailer (32:23), can film makers "destroy your childhood"? (39:29), Green Lanterns and Pooping in space, Nichole Kidman in Wonder Woman (43:00)

Next, Agent Palmer suggests a topic: Preacher is coming to TV, so which comic would we like to see next? (44:16)

Then we roll into Nerdy News: 6 billion dollar Marky Mark (01:05:00), StarTrek behind pay wall (1:07:18), Greatest American Hero remake (1:13:40)

We wrap up with some Flash stuff, Dom's list of presumed Zoom's (1:14:15)

Check out this episode!

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