Ep.39 - Hot Topics

We're back and so is Ed!

After our usual banter filled start, we get into some EMAIL (3:24): Trek Captains, Mooney's Revenge, comedic Deniro, High School cliques, books, coffee, physical media's extinction, podcaster-bility

Then we cover hit some recentness in a segment called MEANWHILE (24:53) Serial Podcast, TV shows Baskets and Outsiders, and Bill & Dom's Desert Island Comics!

In NEWS (45:10): the Marvel Civil War II, Flash and Supergirl crossover, Legion pilot gets cast, Delorean Motor Cars returns.

REBOOT REPORT (1:02:10): Multiple Macgyver?

HOT TOPICS: Best geek film of 2016, Superbowl trailer predictions, Batman v Superman misfire, Nerd Speculation and Spoilers

The MARKHAM MOVIE COLLECTION (1:25:30): Previously, Grant (akaTK1) from the 7DaysAGeek podcast sent 17 MOVIES, all personal favorites, for us to watch and discuss/review. After some delay, today we finally dole out the first assignments and hope you'll play along next week.

Thanks For Listening!

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