Ep.47 - Daredevil Too: Punisher Boogaloo

Our buddy Brian has returned from the shire to hang with us as we first get past some glitches, then goof off and breakdown some geekery!

As we promote Preacher vs Preacher we discuss the newest Preacher trailer (3:18)

Ed kicks off the EMAIL section (6:24) and we cover important things like: Jubile's powers, Pepto vs Alka, Greyhound & Hudson River Line, Bill's other pod appearances, rouge podcasters, Ed's fave pods, American Taco, Cookie Monster, sibling war stories, Super Hero Steamers, Pets, re-watchable movies, what is a son of a biscuit, and MORE!

In NERD NEWS (47:55) Canada claims Wolverine, Hans quits heroes, Snyder says Robin died and a look and the updated superhero movie release schedule through 2020!

Lastly, we review DAREDEVIL over in the SPOILER SECTION (58:50) we start with our non-spoiler first impressions and then dig deep into the Man Without Fear and his new pal Frank!

Thanks For Listening!

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