Yes, we literally found his Secret Bunker and snuck up on spy guy, Agent Palmer! Then we commandeered his "war room" to record! It was a great time had by most, and once we get past explaining how this all went down, this stuff happened:

8:00 - We gave Palmer an impromptu QUIZ!
27:33 - EMAIL: 3 piece suits, animated bears, DC Rebirth, Chinese Lemons, Two Bill Rants, Hero or Villain, Fave Swayze and Stallone films, Scary Jobs, Legos and more!
1:08:55 NEWS: Darwyn Cooke passes, Cranston and Phillip K. Dick, Marvel's Least Wanted, Fantastic Four problems revisited and more - PLUS - Lots of TV coverage: Shows Gets Cancelled, Others Get Renewed, And Lots Of New Shows Coming - Lethal Weapon, Training Day, MacGyver, Taken, and more!

Thanks For Listening!

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