Ep.59 - Scent Of A Jedi

This week the nerd news is never-ending:

6:00 - MEANWHILE: OJ Made In America, House Of Cards

12:24 NEWS: Game Of Thrones, Will Arnett Con, Arrow gets vigilant, Orphan Black end nears, Common goes Samurai, Legends gets villain, Rising Stars optioned, Deadpool pays Bea, More Conjuring, Donald Glover in next Spider-Man, who is the strongest, next X-Box, scent of a Jedi, Woman V Batman V Superman cake, West Side Spielberg.

1:02:24 EMAIL: Lexcorp or Oscorp, She-Hulk v Matt Murdock, Tom & Tom 4EVA, Cringeworthy movie moments, and Cartoon nightmares!

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