Play Along With Us!

Hey yall!
There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to have The Talk. 

This is not that time.

Right now we'd like to remind you guys that we're always looking forward to your hot and spicy e-mails! It warms our hearts when you guys take the time to write in! But as you may also know,  we have some bits and segments that you can be a PART OF just by emailing in.

Crazy right?

Ask Mumm-ra! Now and then Mumm-Ra (The Ever Giving... Of Advice!) will leave the barren wastelands of Thundera and stop by to answer PERSONAL ADVICE QUESTIONS! You know, like Dear Abby, or Ann Landers! (Am I dating myself?) So send in your "serious" questions about life! Love! Pets! Etcetera! Mumm-Ra loves Etcetera! Life is tough, we could all use a little help, right? Think: how can Mumm-Ra help me? This bit is all about you guys, we really want this to be powered by the listener, if we don't get questions from yall, who knows when Mumm-Ra will come by?
  • Be silly or serious as you like, but....
  • Frame it in an "advice" question
  • Put ASK MUMM-RA in the subject line  
Lightning Round! We need your questions! Sure we can do this goofy bit without you, but why should we? Send questions in a "batch" of 10,  and send as many "batches" as you like, but try to follow these points: 
  • Shorter questions work better  
  • Avoid "yes or no" type questions
  •  Batches should be a mix of normal and rediculous questions,  with a few illogical ones tossed in.
  • Put LIGHTNING ROUND in the subject line
Pitch Vs Pitch! This is our newest thingy and it goes like this: each week one person gives out a fake movie title, the others at the table come back the next week and give their pitch for that movie using only that title as inspiration. Like a real studio exec, the person who came up with the title picks the winner! Well guess what? We want you guys to send in yours if you have something, too! For that, the show members vote on their fave from the emails and maybe one of you gets ....bragging rights! (one size fits all) Just be sure to:
  • Be as clear as possible with your ideas
  • Keep it tight, pitches are supposed to be kinda short
  • Include the director and a few main actors
  • Put PITCH vs PITCH in the subject line
For each of these bits, the closer you stick to these outlines the better the bits work! We plan on doing more bits like these, ones that have a component for you guys to play along via email, in the future!
We look forward to your mail and having fun with your ideas! Thanks for listening and playing along!
As always our email is
Podcast @ wickedtheory.com


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