Some Wicked Theories for 2017 by Agent Palmer

Hello and welcome to a brief look back and a look forward from deep down inside the sub-basement of The Wicked Theory Laboratories, with me Agent Palmer.

[Editor's Note: Hey guys, Bill here, don’t freak out. Palmer hasn’t taken over. This was totally authorized and will be supervised as you read. You’re safe.]

Now, for those of you who have been listening to all 56 episodes The Wicked Theory Podcast released in 2016, you’ll know that while Ed hasn’t been granted full co-host status (he’s something close, yet Bill won’t give him the satisfaction of making it a full reality), I am in the similar boat. Just a“Cog in the Machine” down here in the basement, while being somewhat like a Producer, without being granted the title as such.

[For some reason Palmer wants to remind you all of what a dick I am, which is not true. After all, I leave those leaky pipes down there in the basement so he has something to drink.]

Since we’re all aware that math is not Bill’s strong suit, it’s no wonder that for a weekly show, he put out 56 episodes in a year that only contained, like always, 52 weeks. But as listeners, we’re not complaining are we?

[It’s not math, it was magic.]

So what can you expect from 2017? Well, provided Bill, as editor of this post, doesn’t redact everything I’m about to divulge, here are six theories I have for The Wicked Theory Podcast in 2017.

[He has no proof to back up ANY of the following. No science. No documentation. He’s basically making all this up. …..or is he?]

Theory #1: Expect More Bits into the Rotation

Though, at this point it’s too early to tell you what they are, I can confirm that besides, Ask Mumm-Ra, Pitch vs. Pitch, SuperFight, and the occasional drop in of Uncle Vito, there will be other bits added to the rotation moving forward. Personally, I’m hoping for more original (spoof) works from the boys, like “The Raven” and “Twas the Night” from this past year.

[Out of the gate, this is pretty good. But it does remind me that I came up with all of these segments except Uncle Vito (which is trademark & copyright O’Hare Enterprises), and makes me wonder what Palmer is adding.]

Theory #2: Lists, Lists, and More Lists

Despite it being a standard in podcast content, The Wicked Theory Podcast doesn’t cover lists, either self made or otherwise, that often. I would expect more of this discussion in the future, so stay tuned.

[I kinda wonder if this part should have been formatted as a list.]

Theory #3: Stand Alone Episodes

The Wicked Theory Podcast definitely has a well-established format, but I would theorize that they boys may throw that out the window, though they’re bad at sports and their aim won’t be good, and you’ll hear some deep dive discussions into specific topics. This should be very interesting if it happens.

[He’s right my aim is terrible. Look what happened when I tossed him into the mix.]

Theory #4: More Ed

I’m not saying Ed is quiet, I’m just guessing that we’ll see more of Ed’s impact on the show in 2017. What is Ed’s impact on the show? Even I don’t know this, but whatever it is, his brand of geekery and film knowledge will become more prevalent, in the coming year, though he’ll probably not be getting a title change anytime soon.

[I wanted to copy & paste the above, in here, but swap Ed's name for Palmer’s because it would be funny, but I’m going to eat this sandwich instead.]

Theory #5: More Guests

Yeah, obviously I don’t technically count as a guest anymore, but aside from Grant, Stef, Sara, and Prof, I would expect some of them more often and perhaps, some other voices will get added to the mix as well.

[This feels vaguely specific. Or specifically vague. Can’t tell which.]

Theory #6: Live Listen Hangouts

Remember that time it was Christmas 2016 and the boys recorded something before the live show on Saturday and then Bill played that episode and hung out in the chat? Of course you don’t… unless you’re Bill, myself, or MeowGod.

Fear not, though a fun time was had, I would expect that as an experiment that was inconclusive, so perhaps, this will happen again. Because we all know that chat is more fun when Bill’s in it!

[“A Fun Time Was Had” hasn’t really been proven, but the rest of it sounds right.]

Well, if Bill kept that all in, then you know what I’m leaking to you. If not… Keep listening, that’s the sure way to find out what’s going on. And lastly, Ed needs more followers on twitter and more people to tweet him! So make sure you’re following @EdwardOHareTBD and tweet him!

[The above may or may not be all lies. Only time will tell. This conclude our blogcast day.]


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  2. This Palmer guy is not that bad! I would use him more he could get takeout, drinks, get Ed some Vicks VapoRub When needed. I also enjoy when he is in chat .

  3. I would just like to point out that Palmer wrote more than 52 blog posts this past year, for his weekly blog. So when it comes to math skills...pot meet kettle.

    1. Fair enough... but HE wrote that so it might be more like Kettle meet... Kettle?