Poetry From A Dedicated Listener

As mentioned in episode 100, one of our most dedicated and loyal listeners, Wesley Gaskins, found himself so inspired by the show, that he wrote a poem during that live podcast. After which his creative impulses molded and shaped his initial writing into two poems. Enjoy.

Saturday Night Ritual  
As all of my devices chime
I realize it must finally be time
Another episode of Wicked Theory
I must drop everything and hurry
Grab dinner and some beer
Set up everything and cheer
The music plays and the show starts
I all I think is here comes the best parts
First comes the meanwhile section
I wait for something funny in anticipation
After all the stories and jokes
comes the news with amazing folks
Don’t forget the DC TV report
Not all love it some want to abort
Don’t forget there is always emails
Some of them go deep in details
As the show comes to a close
The after show begins to compose
This part of the show is usually random
came this far and you have reached fandom
After an interesting and great 3 hours
You think do they have super powers
As the show comes to its peak
All I say is “I can’t wait till next week”

Wicked What?

What is Wicked Theory Podcast
I am very glad you asked
You must first know what is a podcast
I call it an internet radio broadcast
Hosts gather to talk some stuf
Once you start you never get enough
This one is about many things nerd and geek
It can be a great start to your workweek
Listen as it posts every Monday
Or live on mixlir every Saturday
Bob plays some wicked guitar licks
The guys talk about some comics
Pitch V pitch is also a thing
a winning story one must bring
Bill tries to take the lead in the show
But palmer is always lurking below
Breaking the rules can cause some wrath
Absolutely no sports, politics or math
Ed has a love for DC comics that is beyond cuckoo
Trust me, he loves them even more than you do
American tacos is how things are rated
Their ratings can be quite calculated
Super fight appears on occasion
The guys fight with determination
So in conclusion, if you start
You may never want to part.

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