The #AbsolutePVP Contest!

Howdy Pilgrims!

Want to win something cool? Do you like our show? Creatively driven or just downright ambitious? If you said yes then boy do we have something for you!


1 Grand Prize: 1 copy of Absolute Preacher! Choice of volume 1, vol 2 or vol 3! Hardcover! Oversized! Slipcase! Packed with extras! Over $100.00 value!
1 Runner Up: 1 Season 2 "Powerful AF" comic shop promo poster! Large! Big heads! Purple!
(Courtesy of Comic Book Jones)


1. Be Crafty!
It comes down to this: How hard can you promote this podcast between now and September 15th? We need a street team! People to get the word out! And you can do it anyway you want! If you're on Twitter, facebook, instagram, find ways to promote us! Yes, you can (and should) retweet the episodes, and promote our accounts but we also want to see you go crazy! Maybe you can make web graphics, theme song, original art, graffiti murals, youtube videos - do as much as you possibly can, as creatively as you possibly can! And you don't have to be on ALL or any of those social networks - But It Helps.
Remember, if you aren't artistically creative, then focus on straight promotion, a bold move or a series of regular posts that gets attention has as much value as any other "Thing" or "Entry" that gets attention. Yes, it's about wowing us as much as it is about promoting the show, but that can swing either way depending on what you guys actually do, so in that sense, we feel this is anyone's game.

Hear further explanation in the episode below.

2. Be Seen!
YOU MUST TAG anything on social media with #AbsolutePVP and When You Can add @preachVsPreach - but you MUST USE #AbsolutePVP!

Now, let's say you have a song or something like a youtube link (or you just want to make sure we’ve seen all your hard work posting on the media platforms) compile it INTO ONE email and send it to us PVP@wickedtheory.com with AbsolutePVP in subject line. 

1. Winners will be judged on creativity, breadth of exposure and level of commitment.

2. By entering you agree that, WIN OR LOSE, anything you send in becomes property of the show, for the purpose of promoting the show, wherever, however, and forever, but copyrights and other such ownership are yours.
3. CONTEST ENDS noon eastern Friday Sept, 15, (4 days after season 2 finale) and winner announced on Saturday Sept. 16th, 7pm eastern during a live episode of Wicked Theory Podcast (Mixlr.com/wicked-theory sign up, click the follow button to get reminders when we're live).
Winners will be notified by social media or email.

Jump To The 59:00 Time Mark To Hear More Explanation

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