DC TV Report For Week Ending 9/30/17

The DC TV Report is back with another single-episode week and all the DC show news that's fit to broadcast! On Thursday, Gotham (7:36) delivered a surprising (and surprisingly emotional) hour of TV that had Ed and Sara marveling over the Jim Gordon system of due process (lots of "Get outta here, kid"), the return of a departed fave, and Batsuit 1.0. They also break down the latest news on Lucifer (50:50), Supergirl (58:52), Flash (1:05:19), Arrow (1:08:10), Black Lightning (1:11:38), and Titans (1:13:27). Ed gets excited about beards, Sara gets nervous about clowns, and they both gripe about social media like the curmedgeons that they are. Stick around to the end (1:16:14) to find out which hero, villain, or car insurance commercial won the week.

Check out this episode!

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