WTP135 - Beam Me Up, Honey Bunny!

We boldly go wherever Quentin Tarantino and Star Trek go, so we’re excited by buzz that they are working on a thing! Disney and Fox are “just talking!” but that doesn’t stop us from speculation and theories.

ALSO: we consider Jon Hamm as Batman, reveal that Black Mirror is coming back soon!, then Star Wars talk with Uncle Jay!

Meanwhile… Bill’s watching The Tick on Amazon Prime (which Ed also recommends), Bob’s watching Future Man, Ed saw The Disaster Artist, and Uncle Jay digs into his collection!

Chatgame this week: #QTbeamsUp examples: Quentin Trekitino, Mr. Pinkard! Then a couple of emails to wrap it all up!

BTW, this week, Bill was on GeekDig 168 http://www.geekdigpod.com/home/episode-168-wicked-star-wars-theory

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