Uncle Jay On The Line For "Game Over, Man!"

Well, would ya look at this.

Netflix has a new movie called "Game Over, Man!", starring Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson, the guys from the TV series “Workaholics”.  They play three stoners who work at a hotel that gets overtaken by terrorists. Or some sort of bad guys. Think Die Hard with idiots.

As part of the promotion, Netflix has released a "360 VR Experience" on YouTube of a "bonus" scene from the movie, that features the guys briefly hiding out in a hotel room to figure out their next move. But mostly, they get high.

Now, here's the reason you're reading this...

We're very proud to tell you that none other than our pal, and Wicked Theory Podcast regular, "Uncle" Jay Cicalese is indeed the voice on the phone starting at about 2:08! Yeah, he's been quietly dabbling into this kind of stuff for a few months now and we couldn't be more proud of his early successes. This is just the start, and we think there are big things in his future.

Check it out:

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