DC TV Report for week ending 5/12/2018

DC TV aired several penultimate episodes this week as we prepare to bid farewell to the season—and one of our favorite shows, which landed on the chopping block despite airing a truly great episode. Also, Ed and Sara talk Bruce Campbell, Interview with the Vampire, ‘80s DC role playing stats, and the vagina dentata in horror films. It’s such a lively conversation that Sara’s mic sputtered out. Spoilers ahead, so jump over the ones you don’t wanna know about.

Episode recaps:

Lucifer — 5:23

Supergirl — 21:23

iZombie – 34:11

The Flash – 44:42

Krypton – 56:48

Gotham – 1:05:37

Arrow —1:19:05

News updates:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1:26:12

Titans – 1:26:36

Watchmen (plus, somehow, a lengthy discussion of Highlander, both film and television) – 1:28:40

#DCTVsummer – 1:32:03

And as always, Ed and Sara close with the winner of the week: 1:35:27

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Check out this episode!

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