DC TV Report for week ending 9/29/2018

Get ready to flash those pearly whites because Ed and Sara are talking about a gleefully bonkers Joker episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Plus, the Arrowverse crossover has a title, Legends of Tomorrow has a unicorn, and Sara’s aghast to learn that Staten Island doesn’t do autumn cookouts. Spoilers ahead, so jump over the ones you don’t wanna know about.
News updates:
The Arrowverse crossover – 7:20
Arrow – 15:17
Supergirl – 18:52
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 21:25
iZombie – 23:51
Lucifer – 27:17
Titans – 29:55
Doom Patrol – 34:29
Swamp Thing – 37:35
Batman: TAS recap/ next week’s retro pick – 40:25
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