WTP 178 The Changes Start Here

This week it is Bill, Bob, and Ed. The intro is smooth except for Bill’s attempt to save Bob yet Bob helps hang himself anyway because that’s who we are, and that’s before we even get to the official business!

Then we get distracted and talk about Pizza because we can’t help but defend the only kind of pizza that matters, New York Style!

Then, Ed drops a bombshell!

News: Banksy's self-destructing painting, a Star Wars Live-Action TV Show is coming to Disney's subscription streaming service and it's called The Mandalorian, Birds of Prey (the Ladies of Gotham) is almost done with casting selections, Gibson Guitar is now out of bankruptcy, a 4-generation Star Trek crossover is coming in 2019.

CHATGAME: Terrible Cosplay/Halloween Ideas

Meanwhile, Bill finally started watching The Americans and he’s digging it, plus he recommends Chris Gethard’s Beautiful Stories For Anonymous People (a podcast). Bob’s taken a Heavy Trip, a Finnish road trip movie about four guys in a death metal Band. Ed recommends The House with the Clock in its Walls, says that Venom is best when viewed with a group, and he’s all about Amazon’s faithful adaptation with Jack Ryan.

EMAIL! Be poor and help people or be rich and hurt people?

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