S4E3 "Deviant"

Howdy Pilgrims, this time Bill is joined this time by Steph Muniz you should know her from The Gotham Lights podcast, which became The Orville Lights Podcast and she’s also on Moving The Needle podcast and has a blog at https://FromBrainToKeyboard.com! They’re Covering PREACHER season 4 episode 3 “Deviant”! Besides the recap they also get into what is “morality” on a show filled with deviants like Jessie, Tulip, Cassidy, Herr Starr, Saint Of Killers and the only innocent is a kid named Arseface?

Some links:

Steph: https://twitter.com/BadWolfBay87 



Bill: https://twitter.com/WickedTheory

Follow the show on Twitter:@PreachVsPreach

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