Okay, so I watched RAZOR last night (and all the extras) and I don't know how they expect this movie to be accessible to new fans. Was it good? Yes, but not great. And certainly not an easy ride for nubes.

Simply put, the story is a "untold" story that (I believe) takes place between seasons 1 & 2 of BSG. Within the movie are loads of flashbacks and some are flashbacks within flashbacks. In the extras it's stated that when the idea for this movie first began, it was to make something for new viewers. Well, I'm thankful that I've seen the show before, because there were a few moments where I scratched my head... I wonder how easy it will be for the uninitiated to care enough to stay focused.

All in all, I liked it.

If you've never given Battlestar a shot, I recommend that you do. Just like you, I heard all the "best show on TV" chatter, dismissed it and kept on going with my life. Yet, one day, I bought the first season and was so hooked I watched the whole thing in a day and a half. Give it a go.

"So say we all"

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