Who are you...and what have you done with my child?

Hello Lonesome Reader,
My name is Bill and I have no idea where this blog is exactly headed. I started it all WILLY-NILLY, because I'm just so Garshed-Darned original like that, but I'm sure it will be an interesting ride. For me at least. I have feeling this blog will be a stream of consciousness reflecting myself, my life, and my thoughts out into the Wild West called the InterWebs.
Let me mildly introduce myself. I'm a creative type of guy, (artist/writer) but that stuff is not my career. It's a hobby kind of thing I guess. I'm a avid consumer of all things Pop Culture. Well, perhaps I shouldn't say "all things". I do have limits. (I'll pass on American Gladiators, Thanks.)
I tend to lean toward geekdom, having grown up on a steady diet of comic books, Steven King, preachy Reagan-era cartoons and crappy 1-bit video games. Over time, I'm sure this new outlet I'm starting here today will cover my interests, but why not start right now?
I just got a copy of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: RAZOR. I'm gonna watch it. Then I'm tell you all about it. Oooh boy!ohboy!Can you stand the excitement?

Yeah, ...I knew that you could.

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