Lost: Let's start killing people, okay?

One of the hopes I had for LOST back when it started, was that it was going to be a show that wasn't afraid to kill people off. See, it's along standing belief I have that most action-oriented TV sucks because we all know that even if he's flat-line on a gurney, Jack Bauer is gonna live. We knew that Tony Soprano would never die at the beginning of a season. We're too savy for that shit. We've seen it all before.

So with Lost it seemed like maybe things would be different. I always thought that the characters would rotate out and the extras in the background would move up - a novel idea built right into the show concept. Except that never really happened. I got my hopes up every time it seemed like someone could go but I was usually let down. Sure, Boone. Right, they killed Boone, and I was thankful for that but other, more death-deserving castaways remained. I hear you out there, saying: What about Libby, Anna-Lucia, Artz, and Eko? Yes, they're dead - but they were secondaries. Charlie's (poorly executed) death was, I'm pretty sure, the last major role to get cut since season 1 or early into 2.

I'm not saying I want to see characters I like die (well, actually I am). But when you construct a world where the danger is really high, then the audience has to have a reason to believe it. Jack was originally supposed to die half-way through the pilot, which would have been a nice touch: no doctor, and Kate would have become the lead. I thought it was great idea and had been praying for his demise ever since. Part of me really hoped that Jack at some point would have sacrificed himself for his people. That at some point the series would kill off it's leading man, not because the actor "wanted out", but for once, because it would serve the STORY. I imagined a Lost with Jack gone, a martyr. All the other Losties (and the audience) living under a shadow. A true fear of death because anyone could go. Seemed compelling to me. But what do I know.

Let's just say I was a little disappointed at the end of the season 3 finale.

There are reports that deaths will start coming faster now that the creators know how long they have. Good. I hope it was an alternate timeline and Jack dies anyway.

Look, I love this show like I've loved no other. I've got all 3 seasons. I keep track of the ARGs. I watch the mobisodes. Lostpedia is in my bookmarks. I have membership at The Fuselage. So don't give me any crap that I don't know what I'm Talkin about.

Thursdays at 9, is the new slot for Lost and as you're probably aware, it comes back with only 8 episodes. The first night is a two-hour block and I figure that means only seven more will air after that.

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