Monster has a name. It's C. Loverfield



Big-ass crazy monster goes on vacation in Manhattan, throws tantrum when refused accommodations at midtown hotel.

Capsule Review:

Pretty darn good and totally worth your money and time (80mins, including credits).*

The Wicked Theory Institute’s patented 5 Point Review System**:

1) GOOD: Perfect length – Since the movie doesn’t really stop the pace once it gets going, I didn’t have that moment where I felt they were stretching for time, padding the story, or doing something to undercut it’s own momentum.

2) INDIFFERENT: If you have Shaky-Cam Aversion Syndrome, yes there is a good amount here. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as in Blair Witch. My advice is to not sit too close to the screen.

3) GOOD: A lot has been said that the characters are a collection of vapid and shallow individuals. I didn’t really get that impression. Now, I’m not saying I grew to like them or really care about them—because I didn’t—but the movie doesn't come off to me as a means by which to get to know them. The big budget blockbuster version of this story would have focused on that shit. In this tale we get what are merely snippets of time. Basically, it’s a linear clip reel showing just a fraction of who the characters really are.

4) BAD: I fear any kind of sequel being made. No matter how they do it, it could/would only be a rehash of everything that made this movie unique and/or a rehash of all the monster films this one tried not to be. So why bother?

5) GOOD: The monster looked original and we got just enough glimpses of it, perhaps one too many. Any more, though, and it would have lost some of its believability. And the little skittering fuckers that this thing brings to town creep me the fuck out.

* Isn’t that all you’re really hoping for when you go to the movies? That you’ll walk out feeling like your ten-plus dollars got you a fair return?

** A scientifically tested system limited to only FIVE thoughts/opinions/feelings about the item/experience reviewed. Rated either Good, Bad or Indifferent in relation to how the reviewer feels about that particular point aspect.

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