Indiana Jones and the Last Chance for Cash before entering The Great Residual Kingdom in the Sky

Yeah, so....

This summer/fall Incontinence Jones is at it again and this time, because he's too old to do all that dang running himself, he's got a teenage kid to do it for him. And if I'm not mistaken this kid is Indy's never-before-mentioned son. From the on set vidieos and media reports I've seen, it's vaguely alluded that Shia "Daddy ga' me a girly name" Laboof might be set up to take over the mantle.

Ick. You guys tried Young Indiana. Just let it die already. Go make something brand new.

Anyway, the year is still around 1945-55, and we're still fighting The Nazi's. Laboof, in leather jacket, poofed hair and uncomfortably straddling a ye olde motorbike, looks like one of the Soce's from The Outsiders decided to change over to the Greasers - but they wouldn't take him. Maybe that's why he's forced to tag along with Indy- nobody wants a dork in black leather at the sock-hop. And right now, high up above us, James Dean is asking God for a Weekend Pass to come down here and kick this kids ass for sucking the cool factor out of one of America's iconic arctypes: The '50's Bad Boy Biker.

The one cool thing is they pulled Karen Allen out of witness protection to get some kind of cohesion in the series.

I wont spoil anything, except for this little factoid: The myth of Crystal Skulls is pretty much bogus according to this (incomplete) entry from Wikipedia.

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