LOST: Season 4 Pre-hash

Hello kids!
Some of this Prehash actually hinges on the work done at other blogs. I can't take credit for something I didn't do--I'm too busy taking no credit for the things I say I'll do.

LOST - The Scraps of Hiatus

This time around we had a couple things to keep us busy during the shows hiatus. Firstly was an ARG ( Alternate Reality Game) called Find815. The storyline of which seems to be tied into the show and is headed on a path to directly sync up with the series. The game will wrap-up in a couple of days, just in time for the season premiere.

The other thing we got was Missing Pieces. A series of weekly shorts that seemed to be (and were) nothing more than, unfilmed scenes, deleted scenes, manufactured deleted scenes and unfilmed manufactured deleted scenes. Many had this feel to them. Some felt forced and still others seemed just a means to add foreshadowing after the fact.

But this weeks episode, the last, was substantially different. Because it answers no questions "So It Begins"( watch it here, if you dare), serves to only raise them and by the truck load. That, and it puts many aspects of the series, long gone unconsidered, back on the table. Perhaps this tale was left to the very end as to act as a precursor to what the season ahead holds for viewers. I'm trying not to spoil it, and I really won't, just in case somebody is sensitive, I'll just use the old Inviso-Text to wrap this up. Highlight to read:

Firstly, we kinda-sorta get to oft joked about, but never-really-thought-would-happen Vincent Flashback. But that's not the rub, kids. It's who he stumbles across--a person we haven't seen on the Island in a while, mind you--and the implications it raises, that is going to have your head spinning.

LOST - The Synchronizing

So here's a cool bit. DarkUfo (a Lost Uber-Blog) posted this little trove of well coordinated goodness. This video, unlike others you've seen, doesn't just edit all the viewpoints of the crash together.... it overlaps them via 24-style split-screens. It's much more effective.

The description from creator NDHatch (get it?):
Relive the events leading up to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 and see what happened on the ground and in the air at the same moment from multiple angles.

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