1930's Style Political Correctness.... (and a rant)

Back in the good old days ( y'know, waaaay back before they invented cancer--when even a pregnant woman could suck down a Chesterfield or two--and even before people started regularly using soap), the Van Beuren Studios
released this John Foster directed, animated charmer. Featuring a "Tom and Jerry" not of the cat and mouse hi-jinks, but who are instead two averagely buffoonish cartoon characters who are just "PLANE DUMB" on a non-stop trip to Africa.

Need I say any more to set this up?

Umm..... am I supposed to comment here?

This is a relic of a, thankfully, bygone era that is considered by so many to be a "simpler time". When America was a bristling place of opportunity and equality. When God and Country were all that mattered.

Interestingly enough, the ideals and morals of both God and Country, so highly cherished and regarded, have actually never seemed too carry much weight with American mass culture. Ever. For all the talk of change, for all the laws and rules we've made governing our behavior, we still do stupid things. Hypocritical things. Racist things.

We like to think this country is brimming with integrity, meaning: we stick buy what we say is our moral compass by backing it up with actions that reflect it.

But in many ways we don't, and we haven't in a long time, if ever. In the 70 odd years since that cartoon was made, we haven't moved away from that kind of thinking, far enough or fast enough, as we should have by now.


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  1. You make some pretty valid points. The historic misfortune of America is that her people have seldom been equal to the ideals upon which their nation was established. I must say though that most Americans today, especially those who are 30 and younger, are far more color blind than they're parent's and grandparents ever were.