Strike ends, OfficeMax orders more pencils

By most accounts the Writers Strike is all but officially over.

Thank You.

I mean, I was really looking forward to NBC's new show "Bowling For Cheese and Shame" but if I can't have it, then I can't. I'll just have to settle for the return of the types of shows that have always been the mainstay, and lifeblood, of television: Lackluster Scripted shows.

Listen, I'm a TV junkie as much as anyone, and there are a few good shows that are really good, but we all know that most shows stink on ice. How many times have you found yourself wondering why you still watch your not-so-favorite shows. Is it because you're vested in the story and characters ....or is it because nothing better is on?

It'll probably be the better part of a year (or more) before StoryTown is operating normally again. Pilot season is all screwed up, the scheduling for everything has been thrown out of wack- there's even talk of extending the remaining TV season to June to offset the damage.

Either way, glad to see you kids back at work.

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