Knight Rider Of The Living Dead

Leigions of middle-aged German men are screaming glorious thanks to the almighty Hoff.
Knight Riders coming back, you see.
What? Yes...again. For the fourth time.

Let's regale, shall we?

El Originale..."El auto fantastico" - KITT vs KARR!

Then there was "Knight Rider 2000"....

Hey! That bastard swam! Rockin' soundtrack, too - I felt like I was swimming... in an ocean of Tylonol PM...

Here's a bit of "Knight Rider 2010", and yes, it was as awful as it looks. But I can see how, on paper, the idea of crossing KR with MadMax would be appealing....

Somewhere in this lineage of awesomeness there was "Team Knight Rider". Described as "22 episodes of sprited action adventure and high drama" ....Oh, I remember it well. The narcoleptic stories, the witty banter, the lack of suspense.... Yeah, scars like this haunt a man forever.

And here's a brief behind the scenes look at the not-so-ALL-NEW Knight Rider airing in a couple of weeks. Will Arnett (Arrested Development) was the voice of the car, a Mustang, until he stepped aside due to the fact he is a voice-over guy for GMC and they asked him nicely to pay more attention to what the hell he's doing and maybe avoid conflicts like this in the future.

So Val Kilmer is in the car now. All crunched up under the dash speaking into an empty coffee can.

Really doesn't look that exciting does it? Strange, considering it's such a strong concept....

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  1. Firstly, loving the blog, Bill. You're doing an excellent job.

    Secondly, Saw the Knight Rider tele-movie Sunday night, and when I say it sucked, it sucked to high heaven.
    The acting was stiff and felt forced, and there wasn't enough action.
    They tried way too hard to infuse some drama into the movie. And there was little or no comic relief. There was just way too much manufactured tension.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there.
    Keep up the good work, Bill.