Hollywood Stock Exchange: buy and sell Celebutards!

For a few years know, I've been buying and selling movies, actors, producers, award nominations, and even some TV shows like they were real world stocks, bonds and commodities. Now, I'm not as aggressive as other "investors", so it's taken me a while to amass my comparatively small, H$35+ million over at HSX.COM

They start you with a few mill in play money to get you going and then it's up to you. Either blow it by investing in Sir Ricky Schroeder's next big project or make money-money, make money-monay by putting your riches in the hairy-knuckled hands of Steve Carell, or whomsoever you geek-out over.

They call it "entertainment gaming" but there's no winning, really- it's not that kind of game (and I'm not that kind of boy, silly), but you can can trade that Oh-So imaginary HSX-Money towards less-than-awesome HSX schwag (+ a few real dollars+shipping).

It's a pretty good time killer.....GO NOW!

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