We Tumblr For Ya!

Okay, so that headline is more painful than witty but it's the best I had. I blame this weak-ass coffee I'm drinking.

Yes, we started a TUMBLR Account! Go check it out and follow us there too!

"How will this be different?" I hear you saying.

I. Have. No. Idea.

Time will tell I suppose.... but there will be gifs!

But long form articles, reviews and rants will always happen right here.

Caption Contests will always be on our Facebook page.

Occasionally, content will cross over but I'm trying to keep that to a minimum for now. Ideally, each of our outlets should have a different flavor. Hopefully you find each as appealing as diamond encrusted ice cream (which sounds bad for your teeth but loved by millions).

So, we need followers and people to help spread the word, so c'mon, join us there for more pop culture nonsense, news and stupidity!


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