MEANWHILE... (12/30/12)

While you were using kittens to hide your beer we found all these videos! 14 of them!

THIS WEEK: Dinner Party, 6 minute Maniac, Badass Ping Pong, Water Golf, Nog, Bad Batman, Zombie Stuff, Make Bacon, Young Girl AND MORE!!!

If their New Years party is anything like their Dinner Party, be glad your not there…

The best Ping Pong of the year.
This shit is serious.

MANIAC - the remake staring Elijahlja Wood. The first 6 minutes.

This just as painful.
Eddie Murphy in a test run for Hong Kong Phooey. And some Marvin the Martian too. Both look nice but are so hard to watch. ICK.

Best water shot in golf?

Oh Yeah? How about the best water shot in Mini-Golf?

Russel blows your mind.

Everything wrong
with The Dark Knight Rises spoils it.

He's in the grass…
but what's he ON?

Young Girl.
Yooooooung girl.

The first 4 minutes of WARM BODIES the Zombie rom-com…

The Walking Dead
- Metal. Soooo Metal.

Stop relying on the Man. Make your own damn bacon.

Christmas leftovers… it's just Egg Nog.

Aaaand we're out of time! Thanks for schlepping!
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