Indiana Jones 4 Trailer! Right HERE!

Thank god for CG and stuntmen!

Brittle Bones Jones cracks that whip like he's still the young...um, er, ...40 year old of the first film. He's the coolest unrepentant, disrespectful, womanizing, interloping relic thief ever to be praised on the silver screen!

Can you feel my love? No? HMMMMmm.... I wonder why?

Can't anybody in Hollywood ever say no? Does anybody have the integrity to turn down obscene SCADS of money for super easy projects that are nothing more than just a hope-- a hope for one last squeeze from the holy teat of their acquired fanbase?

Obviously the answer is no. Spielberg, Lucas, Ford etc. couldn't pool their monies, resources, imaginations and talents to create something new? These men could easily create the impossible over a weekend of hot toddies and only using the money they earn from one weeks worth of residuals. That is, if they actually chose to concentrate on the future instead of the past.

Look, Indy $ (oops, I mean, 4) could end up being the greatest of the series....
But to do that, you would have to capture the essence of the things that make it any good at all.

.... and if that's ultimately what you're doing, then is it even necessary, at all, to make another "Last" Indy movie? Aren't we being a little redundant here?

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