Do You Do The HULU?

We do. And we want more.
Hulu.com is a new online digital media content provider, but the twist is that it's a partnership that pool's TV shows and movies from many companies. A decent cross-section is already up with new content added regularly. As you can see, we've been having fun pasting just some of the content available.

Here, watch The Usual Suspects, we'll talk more afterwards...

Yes, there is a fair amount of ads, especially when it's embedded in another page like it is here, but on the site, the trailer option (to watch a long trailer for a upcoming film or a scattering of short ads throughout) is a good one. Red Dragon was only interrupted by my screensaver.

Yes you have started strong, but we want more from you, HULU. More movies, not just clips. Newer TV classics, not just the A-Team.

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