Spider-Man World Tour

Italian Spider-Man is a spoof working on so many levels it's hard to keep track, except to say that it nails them all. The 70's have never been recreated so well, the details are perfectly executed, from the music to the boots. Big Ups to these kids.

Of course you remember the Japanese Spider-Man movie, right? No? Blasphemer!
Well, it wasn't a spoof, at least not intentionally, but did every movie made during this era have to have a GIANT ROBOT?

"Yeah-Yeeeahhh- WOW!"

Sadly, I missed out on "The Adventures of Makkad-Man", not because I'm too old, because I'm not from India:

Not to be outdone by MARVELs international branding, DC COMICS brings you Turkish Superman, who basically just Super-Strength-Bitch-Smacks people.

Marvel and Dc must have joined forces to dominate the market. Other than saying that,
I will not even attempt to explain the following, I could spent weeks on it:

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