A Shame-o So Lame-o, Theses Lego Game-o's

I don't get it.
All these Lego People video games that have come along over the last few years (usually as a movie tie-in, like Star Wars) and the appeal for them, baffles my mind. Perhaps the most important factor in any storytelling or game is, call me crazy, the characters.
But in these games, by default of its very concept of course, the characters are stiff, speechless, near emotionless drones. How could a game based on one of the most disregarded toy figure designs of all time, be a success? Maybe people want to play a game that has really cool... backgrounds? Is the gameplay simply that good? Is it so Scary-Original that I just don't get it, Maannn?

Nope. It all about the Movie or franchise tie-ins, baby.

Without some kind of preexisting character, who you already know very well, you wouldn't ever pick this crap up. Unless you were real young kid, of course, but even then you might pass because this stuff is aimed at adults too. The 30ish crowd, who loves who loves seeing their childhood toys repackaged into new media is a sucker for this stuff.

It needs a pre-built fanbase to survive. Would you pick up "The Adventures of Lego Joe: The Search For Missing Pieces"? Doubtful. Now, If they did something crazy, like adapt "Kill Bill", "The Deer Hunter" or "The Burning Bed" and you got me. ...Eh, maybe.

One would think that rendering toys so lacking in detail seems kind of a shameful waste of the enormous power in these game systems? But, hey, those backgrounds are killer!

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