Trailer Junkie- Quick Hit: THE INCREDIBLE HULK

One of the cool things about this trailer (besides the fact that Norton is rumored to have been directly involved in it's edit) is that you get a real good look at the hero, villain and overall tone (The Fugitive meets Frankenstein by way of the Bourne trilogy) of the movie. And all those elements are much better looking than the last attempt, but that said, does the preview give away too much?

Perhaps. Or perhaps they knew we needed to see a lot of what they have in store for us, just to get that stale Ang Lee taste from our mouths. I'm jazzed, how bout you?

Click that huggabley irradiated image below to see...
(Yes, this link will redirect you, but it's better quality than a Youtube version.)

Thanx due: AICN.COM

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