Battlestar Galactica 4.1 : Re-Watch

BSG returned last night and in case you missed it, be careful, there are spoilers ahead. But alas, you can watch it right here, right now, thanks to the power of HULU. A 99% snark-free review follows.

(Brief aside: Last night was the first time I had ever watched an episode live because I've caught up to this point via DVDs and the internet. I had reflexively forgotten about commercials, and was instantly annoyed. A little later I actually reached for the DVD remote to try to rewind...)

Brief Rundown:

Starbucks' Cinnamon Cylonacchino Enigmalattee:
Apollo immediately (like a puppy-love struck little boy) hugging her on the flight deck as everyone else leers with suspicion, set up her new dynamic right out of the gate. Even Chief leered at her. Is she a Cylon? The secret Fifth Cylon (or is it twelfth)? (which itself, I believe, will be revealed to be the first original cylon from Granpa Adamas days) You keeping track?
"What if she's playing all of us?" Roslin asks as half the people around her are Cylons themselves. So what do you do? When everything logical tells you not to trust your heart, what do you do?

Harbinger of death, Former President Dr.Gias Baltar:
Impromptu Christ by way of retrograde Judas, he is nearly worshiped by those who have given him refuge. Their only request of him was to remove the fakest beard ever seen on television. What is the path for this man? Is redemption being forgiven by the masses or is it merely forgiving ones self? Praying for a boy whose fever will break so as to set yourself up as a savior is something fairly dark for man who thinks himself so much better.

Col. Ty and The Cylon Kids: (Saturday mornings this fall!)
Pulling his weapon on Adama during the opening was much too crazy-cool to be true and left me wanting a plot twist just as heavy. How long can he, and the rest of the "secret four", resist their subconscious commands? Like chess pieces perfectly and strategically placed but in the control of a novice, they are rife with potential, yet are just as likely to falter as succeed. This is the storyline that has me the most rapt.

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