Battlestar Galactica 4.2 :Frakin' Re-Watch

Hello again Toaster-lovers! If you haven't watched this weeks episode, "Six Of One", you should do so now... or not. Spoilers ahead!

Cliffhanger/opening teaser:

Historically, a TV cliffhanger like this one is akin to a mulligan and winds up meaning nothing, and served as drama for dramas sake. And that's kind of what I was expecting - that in a flash, the stormtroopers would take Starbuck down, return her to her cell and on with the show. And, ,that is what happened, but not without some story progress first. Thankfully this show likes to shake things up.

"I want to hate you so much." says celestially sensitive Starbuck, pointing a weapon at teacher/president/prophet/ Roslin. The drama goes from that heavy line to a cliched "Here's my gun, shoot me if you can" scenario, including the "shoots-but-misses-by-an-inch" ending. But it works well enough, and at least opens the show with tension and velocity. Just in time for commercials. Yay!

Cylon Liberation Front:
"Something has changed." Ok, we get it. It doesn't have to be a mantra. The drone Raiders are becoming autonomous and that's not cool, so they need to be lobotomized. I don't ken to the idea of sentient warships, either. Sound kinda dangerous. But they are alive, and able to reason and some in the Cylon Hierarchy believe they should be aloud to exist as is. They're a democracy overall, so they vote. But wait, what's this? One of the Boomer/Sharon/Number 8 models has diverged from her programing. She has opinions that deviate from all the other No.8's. INCONCEIVABLE! "No one has ever voted against they're model". This means...something has changed. Right. Got it.
Distention sets in, the core Cylons fraction and now the Sentinels are making choices too. Stuff like: is killing ok, is there a difference between satisfaction and gratification, is there a way to get blood stains off of chromium alloy?

Gias Baltar, meet Gias Baltar:
A new, suavely confident personality has emerged within his mind. This one a version of himself. Add another to the list? Is it Head Six? or is it god himself messing with the lad? or the devil? A lot of talk of gods and religion on this show... but no Satan/Loki/Hades references? Odd, that.

Starbuck's wild and crazy vacation to earth

We know the idea is that we find earth at the end of the show, right? Ok, so this is gonna stretch out all season? My call: She goes out there, find it, tries to come back, gets seperated/lost/delayed, BSG gets lost/delayed, they hook up with four episodes left to go.

Theorizing the Final Cylon:

Who could it be, kids? Let's speculate:

Lee Adama - It could be anyone. Why not Lee? If we are to believe that Col. Patch Maggee is one, and what that would mean contextually-- then yes, it really could be anyone. Perhaps this has something to do with the death of his "brother"? But then why not kill dad a long time ago?

Tom Zarek - if this mysterious man was the final one, it would be a true homage to the original series. While he hasn't been seen in quite some time, he has been involved in some of the big shake-ups within the fleet. I wouldn't be suprised to see him pop up soon.

Laura Roslin - Too big. Too crazy. ...too perfect.

Gias Baltar - perhaps one of the only characters set up from the start as a possible Cylon...wouldn't this kind of reveal feel a little hollow after all that meandering?

Romo Lampkin _ After the Kieser Soze bit with leaving his cane behind many wondered about the truth behind this man. but would that be a grand enogh reveal?

Starbuck - Much like Baltar, a hollow reveal after all the "is she, or isn't she?" nonsense.

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