Let's Watch: The Knight Rider Premiere - Early...

...and then writhe in pain.
So NBC is premiering certain fall shows online first (some are weeks early, because, you know, "this video on internet thing could just be a fad") and The Continuing Adventures Of The Badass SuperCoolCar Show is one of the chosen few. Lucky us.
Comments after the show:

It so wants to be cool. It wants to be funny-cute. Hip. At times, even witty, but it never succeeds. It's captivating like a 4 am movie staring Lou Diamond Phillips... except this has a better effects budget. The creators were quoted in the press as saying that this was not the same as the Movie of the week that aired a while back.
Different indeed. Let's compare:

TV Movie: Lame-o,campy overtones, bad acting, and derivative storyline.
New TV Show: Uhhh... same.
TV Movie: Mike is stiff and wooden but blends in well with the other trees... I mean cast.
New TV Show: Mike is stiff and wooden, but now with even more trees and New and Improved "MYSTERIOUS PAST ADDITIVE". For brighter whites! And grainier sepia toned Army flashbacks!
TV Movie: Cool car that has, like, superpowers (to be brief).
New TV Show: The car is basically an Autobot now, capable of transforming into several modes, including a truck. It is, and will be, able to do anything whenever the story calls for it. If you thought Star Trek's Enterprise or Jacks cell phone on 24 were technology forged in magical origins, this trumps all. A "easy-out" factory and a writers dream. The glove compartment can preform first aid. Come on, man. Too much.

Granted, the original was no Television Masterpiece. But this is officially weak. I think, maybe, they're trying to capture that tone the original had.
You know, schmaltzy-camp meets action-adventure. The coolest thing seems to be the car....and the graphic interface designs for the computers and stuff.

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